RECENT NEWS: Wrap Up: Lancaster Chapter Drinks White Russians till They Win White Russian...s 


Tonight was our final team event The Caucasian Open. The three bowlers with the highest scores were the captains and chose fair teams based on the scores of the other Bowlers. (READ MORE)

LESS RECENT NEWS: League Officially Announces Its Largest Competition Yet: The MBA World Tour 


 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Mediocre Bowling Association in conjunction with its three (drunken) functioning chapters are proud to announce a major conspiring of bad bowling competitions on the world stage. On Saturday April 22nd, 2017, Earth Day, all members of the Association are welcome to participate in the league’s first MBA World Tour at Rab’s Country Lanes in Staten Island, NY. (READ MORE)

EVEN OLDER NEWS: Wrap Up: White Russians For Everyone (Except For The Kid With The Milk Allergy) 



What a terrible event for someone with a severe milk allergy. Aside from Ladd Jr., this a great excuse for some people to drink lots of vodka on a Sunday. A Sunday where the GOAT himself was expected to throw his best game, shortly after MBA Boston’s event was expected to end. What a wonderful pre-game it was. (READ MORE)


02/01/2017 League Officially Announces Its Largest Competition Yet: The MBA World Tour
12/09/2016 MBA Online Store Updates! Order By Sunday Night To Receive Before Christmas
09/12/2016 Expansion Continues: Lancaster, PA Launches Chapter In Time for 2016-17 Season
08/15/2016 MBA Expands to Boston; Chapter Begins Play in October
06/17/2016 MBA Places THIRD in 2016 Punk Rock Bowling Tournament
05/27/2016 MBA to Compete in 2016 punk Rock Bowling Tournament: Asbury Park, NJ
05/01/2016 Registration Opens Suprisingly Early for League That Can't Get Their Shit Together
02/10/2015 League Opens Statistics Bureau, Leaderboards and Career Stats Aplenty
01/19/2015 Press Release: MBA Weighs In On "GutterGate"
12/18/2014 The Great Divide: League Enacts "Two Year Plan" To Breathe New Life Into Tournament
10/13/2014 New Rule Changes for the 2014-15 Season
08/21/2014 2014-15 Mediocre Bowling Season Sign-ups Begin! 
09/04/2013 Pre-Season Event Added to MBA schedule, Nation Weeps
07/16/2013 Public Registration for Mediocre Bowling Begins!
07/04/2013 America's Birthday Ushers in Pre-Registration for 2013-14 MBA Season!
01/09/2013 Rules Page Added!
12/29/2012 Official MBA E-Store opens; Sells Things You May / May Not Already Own
02/22/2013 Face to Face: An intimate sit down with Todd Currier of M.E.S.S.
12/21/2012 The MBA teams up with Flickr - Promises Pulitzer Material
12/12/2012 MBA Confronts WWE on Event Scheduling Issues
07/16/2013 Staten Island, NY Chapter Officially Launches!
07/15/2013 The Mediocre Bowling Association Launches!