What is the Mediocre Bowling Association all about??

The MBA is for the underdog. We're for the bowler who averages 150 or less. Basically, if you love bowling but won't join a league for fear of being laughed at or believe, as we do, that bowling should include whiskey (and then even more whiskey) - this is the League for you!

The MBA season runs from September-March every year with a total of 7 events (1 exhibition, 5 regular season, 1 playoff). Events take place (usually) on a weekend during each month, so if you're already off, awesome! If not, start saving up sick days! Sundays seem to be the best day for everyone, but consult your local chapter leader.

Who can Join?

The MBA is for people passionate about bowling but doing so poorly. Since the league is known for it's "saucy language" and behavior, the league is for bowlers 18 and up.  We kindly request that if you know you're talented, go elsewhere. This league is for the bowlers who want to have fun but aren't skilled enough to make it into other leagues. If you average a 150 or higher at the end of the season this won't be fun for you, or anybody else and you may be asked to hit the road.

Upon joining, all players must declare themselves as either joining or starting a Chapter in their area.

What is a Chapter?

Chapters operate under the umbrella of the Association. They must consist of at least 16 members, including their Chapter Leader, and are limited to a maximum of 60 members. Leaders recruit members and host one Chapter event for each month of the season, seven events total. At the events, members compete with and against each other to win trophies and, ultimately, bragging rights as the best player in their Chapter. If one does not exist in your home town, you can start one!

Can I watch?

You dirty bird...OH! You mean the game?? Of course! However, while spectators are welcome at all events (and we encourage Chapters to bring an entourage of friends and recruit frequently) you can only play if you are a member of the Mediocre Bowling Association. Joining is easy - become a member today!

How can I join?

We knew you'd be interested! Just click on the "Join a Chapter" tab above and find out all the info you need to either join (or start) a Chapter.