Award: The Gutter Trash Award

Awarded During: Each Regular Season Event

Description: This classy lady is given to the bowler who tallies the most gutters by the end of a single event. She may be small, but she is in no way embarassing. Once earned, the bowler is eligible to use bumpers for ONE GAME during the next event only.

Award: The Dude Award

Awarded During: Each Regular Season Event

Description: This little religious statue is given to the bowler who ends up with the most mediocre average by the end of a single event. This statue is their key to enter the Mediocre Cup Finals for a one game tournament in March against the other 4 winners.

Award: Most Mediocre Bowler Award (MMB)

Awarded During: Seasons End

Description: This bowling pin, painted in the chapter's color scheme, is given to the bowler who's average ends up the closest to median average of the leader board by seasons end without going over (Price is Right rules!) It's symbolic of the "one last pin" most likely left standing by the winner most of the season.

Award: Helen Dillon Memorial Award

Awarded During: Seasons End

Description: This award is given to the bowler who tallies the most strikes at the end of the regular season within a chapter. Helen Dillon, an old time bowler, threw many of them. She has been memorialized by the MBA.

Award: Fred Glasier Memorial Award

Awarded During: Seasons End

Description: This award is given to the bowler who tallies the most spares at the end of a regular season within a chapter. Fred Glasier, an old lunatic who terrorized children, was spared by police. He has been memorialized by the MBA.

Award: MBA Rookie of the Year Award

Awarded During: Seasons End

Description: This award is given to the member who finishes the season with the highest average amongst first year bowlers. The baby bottle is symbolic of of the winner's "Rook Status," but at least they were the best.


Award: Attendance Record

Awarded During: The MBA Chapter Invitational

Description:  Members who attends all 5 regular season events the year prior are eligible to win this unique award. One of the hardest trophies to win due to both attendance and winning required, the Attendance Record is a miniature 7' record (or a 4.75" record if you will) that sits upon a minature record player. YOU CAN'T LISTEN TO IT so stop asking.

Award: Sweetness Ribbons

Awarded During: The Sweetness Open (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)

Description: These medals are pretty straight forward. With the iconic gold, silver, and gold color schemes, these ribbons will make a bowler feel like they're standing on a pedestal at the Olympics while in reality they're standing on a torn up rug in a derelect bowling alley.

Award: The Big Lebrewski (aka The Golden Colt)

Awarded During: The Knock'em Back Masters

Description: What may look like a Colt 45 beverage sitting on a table, is actually one of the most coveted awards in the entire league. The Golden Colt is a beautiful looking trophy that makes alchoholism a desireable goal.

Award: Him and Her Statues

Awarded During: The Great Divide

Description: These two simple gold bowling statues depicting both a male and female bowler are handed to the pair who rose above the rest during said tournament. The Majestic Cup used to be passed around to the winners, but these keepsakes are much more desirable, and co-ed!

Award: The White Russian

Awarded During: The Caucasian Open

Description: This oversized alcoholic beverage (we're seeing a theme here) is awarded to the captain and his / her teamates who took down all of the other teams in cold blood during this Cold War tournament. The following month, a plate with the names of the champions are placed gloriously onto the base of the trophy for eternity.

Award: The Pour Donny Award

Awarded During: The Theodore Donald Kerabatsos Memorial Tournament

Description: This plaque with a golden tap attatched to the top truely memorialize one of the greatest men we've ever known. He was so great, that we never actual met him. This memorial to "Donny" puts a somber feel in the home of any champion who is fortunate enough to win this.

Award: The Honorable Munson

Awarded During: The Honorable Munson Wild Card

Description: "Give them a Hand!" This is the inscription on the base of the trophy, which is given to the Wild Card winner. Former champions have put a pitcher onto the hand, put unspeakable objects on it's fingers, and needless to say: Many high fives.

Award: The Mediocre Cup

Awarded During: The Mediocre Cup Finals

Description: A beautiful silver cup littered with the names of previous winners on it's base. Only one of the possible five winner's of the season's Dude Award can walk away with this baby. Will it be you? PS: It's terrible at holding any kind of liquid. 

Award: The Munson Cup

Awarded During: The Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship

Description: This 22 inch piece of silver (?) is handed out to the last person standing in the month of March. They've withstood a minimum of 3 grueling rounds of intense bowling and will have their name etched on the trophy for doing so. They've won. They're the champ. This cup may or may not come with a championship banner hanging at their local establishment and possibly a ring. The most coveted prize (to date!) in the Mediocre Bowling Association.