Mar 22, 2017

Wrap Up: Boston - Where Champions Are Born


It had been a long journey since October, but a fun one. MBA Boston arrived at the lanes armed and ready for the playoffs- most of us with beer, Kaitlin Bowie with her five trashy ladies ready to cheer her on. With many spectators / “fans” in the crowd to cheer us on, we were ready to end the first season right and make our forefather proud.

With Chapter Leader, Maria Crooker .25 points away from clenching the 7th spot, her disappointed was quickly washed away with a glass of Pinot Noir and exchanged with excitement when 7th spot owner Alyssa D’urso stated she could not make playoffs. (Thanks girl!)

The games began with the race for the Mediocre Cup. Since Ladd Sr. and Maureen chose to take the Munson Cup route, there were only three competing for a prize that Beth Hubbard had already claimed ownership of. A standoff between Morgan O’Donnell, and Beth’s own mother, this was sure to get ugly.  Bowling her best game ever, Beth did just that and claimed victory during Game 1. Bowling a 185, this was the least mediocre attempt we had seen yet out of this bowler.

There’s a legend about a bet made one spring morning on a golf course. Armed with white Russians (hopefully dairy free), Ladd Jr. told Mark Capone “one day I will beat you at something”. As the bottom 12 vied for the coveted 8th seed, the crowd was roaring as Ladd Jr. went on to bowl an impressive score of 172 to win a spot in the final games. Turning around with the smell of victory close he pointed at his target and stated “your mine Capone”. With an extra hand to help him out, he was confident he could win.

Dubbed the mother of all friends, Mary Crooker went to the concession stand and bought popcorn for all that were watching, this was going to get good.



The Munson Cup began. Top 8: Mark Capone, Ladd Crooker Sr., Cory Loder, Kenny McCowan, Maureen Dunton, Sean Bartlett, Maria Crooker, Ladd Crooker Jr.

With Maria bowling her worst games ever, the stage was set for the usual good bowlers to strut their stuff. With nothing unusual to point out aside from the amount of empty pitchers on the tables, Capone went on to take it home. Unfortunately, dreams did not come true for young Ladd during MBA playoffs and just like our favorite childhood stories, sometimes a series of unfortunate events make for an unjust ending. Capone went on to win Best Overall, Most Spares and the Munson Cup. Ladd Crooker Jr. unexpectedly was awarded Most Mediocre.




Ladd Sr. came out on top with Most Strikes and everyone went home drunk.

What a great year we had! Thanks to all the bowlers who came out and made it so much fun!

See you next season!