Oct 31, 2017

Here we go again….Boston Chapter takes another stab at victory and conquers the beer tower


With TEN new members and a Patriots game on at 4 PM, Brunswick Lanes were buzzing with excitement, fear, and way too much bragging. Crooker Matriarch Mary arrived with large ice tea in hand and said “someone has to stay sober and keep score”.

The Boston Chapter met for its 2nd annual official season opener and our new recruits were quickly introduced to the ways of the lanes: beer towers, shit talking, and crazy colored bowling socks. With six lanes full, the games began.

Game one started with the usual suspects neck and neck- Mark Capone ending with a 165 and Ladd Sr. with a 162. Joanna Doyle came in strong with a 144 and Sean Bartlett, who finally proved paying attention to the game and not the claw machine can end in positive results, ending the game with an excellent 174.

New member Brian Kellett, who was rumored to be running on two hours of sleep due to  video game sleepover the night before, pictured above. Kellett was quoted later as saying “Screw Quake, I’m going to bowl professionally!”

Throughout game two, everyone overheard the familiar grumblings of Ladd Sr., whose infamous Duck Dynasty cooler broke upon arrival to the alley, “I bowl horrible when I drink too much!”. Someone get the man a new cooler.

With new member Sean M. bowling a 172, competition was stiff. We won’t mention how he forgot to fill out the score sheets. (You had one job!!!)

Game three highlighted the typical turn of events here in Boston: the braggers with high scores are doing better finishing their beers and the underdogs come through like champions. Ladd Crooker Jr with a 203, Kenny McCowan with a 189 and Cory Loder with a 152 – the boys were just getting warmed up.

New member Tim Doyle came in first with the most gutters with Alannah Joyner close behind. The crowd watched in anticipation wondering who would fill the lonely and empty shoes left behind by reigning gutter queen, ex-member (forever champion) Kaitlin Bowie.

No surprise that Mark Capone took first and behind him were Sean Bartlett and Ladd Crooker Jr., second to Mark much to his disdain. “I WILL beat him this year” Ladd yelled as Mark ran a victory lap throughout the building. The top three winners were the same proud top three winners from last year’s season open…let’s see if things change much this year here in Boston.

Oh yea, and Tom won again too.