Dec 10, 2017

Wrap Up: 2017 Knock'em Back Masters / Boston Beatdown


November brings a lot of things: the beginning of the holidays, the colder weather, and the regret of eating too many mashed potatoes. Boston Chapter’s 2nd annual Knock Em Back Masters fell on the morning after the Boston crew’s annual Friendsgiving. You can only imagine what we looked like upon entering the lanes that blustery morning.

The games began shortly after 12 PM, an earlier time than usual because we had to get home to watch Tom at 4 PM. N00b, Brian Kellet sauntered in shortly after, claiming he had to get Starbucks in order to even think about bowling. Friendsgiving host Beth Hubbard surprised everyone by not exclaiming “I’m going to win the Colt!!!”…. seen sipping water, Beth kept a low profile on the sidelines. This was going to be an interesting game.

With handicaps high for certain people, the race was on. Wannabe bowler and New Jersey cheerleader Erica joined us and quickly learned the ways of the MBA Boston Chapter…

Game one showed an excellent start for newcomer Paul ending the game with a 163 with Ladd Jr and Nick chasing him with a 153 and a 147. Ladd Jr had his eyes on the Colt and was feeling energized from his excellent bowling performance the month before.


Ladd Sr. did not bowl his best first game ever and the proof was in his bowling bag. Game #2 turned things around with Ladd Sr. bowling a 159, tying with Brian Kellet, whose handicap gave him an advantage that was making some of the regulars very agitated. Mark Capone could be overheard tempting other bowlers with $5 to trip him. Sean M. once again fought the good fight but just couldn’t get a head of a bit of bad luck. While he did beat Mark and Mark’s ego, he couldn’t get ahead of veteran bowler Ladd Sr. and lucky man, due to a handicap, Brian.

With two games going much faster than three, the bowlers drank their beers quickly and waited for the anticipated results….who would rob Mark of the top spot? Who Ladd Jr. finally find victory? How hungover was Beth? With Alannah breaking a 100 her first game (some people have been practicing)…the bottom three was looking lonely with Tim and Joanna tying with a 69 and Lorraine close behind with an 84.

We saw some amazing games bowled – shout out to some of the top ten bowlers of the game for showing up and averaging a 130 or above: Leigh, Susan, Maureen, Maria, Paul and Nick.

Brian Kellet stole the show and walked away with the coveted Colt, thanking his 30 handicap in his acceptance speech. Sean M., and the usually hecklers could be seen crying in the Gutterball Lounge.

Tim Doyle won Gutter trash # 2 …….is Boston facing a curse of the gutter queen? Will one member win all gutter trash awards every season? Stay tuned to see….

Last year’s Colt winner, Marathon man Kenny won Jesus and said “I can’t show my mom this award, it says the F word”. What a turnaround.

We’ll see ya next month for more shenanigans…