April - August: The Worldwide MBA Recruitment Tour

Games: 3

Prize: Vary Depending on Chapter

These events will vary from chapter to chapter. The Recruitment Tours will only occur if a chapter decides to take their game on the road to try and convince bowlers in other towns to join our cult, err, the Mediocre Bowling Association. Chapter members are encouraged to bring any hardware that they've won during the season to put on display for wide eyed prospective members to oogle over. They won't be able to resist, we think. While nobody will have an active membership during the summer months, all past members are eligible to part take in these "friendly" tournaments.


September: The MBA Chapter Invitational

Games: 2

Prize: Attendance Record (For members with perfect attendance only)

The first playoff event on the MBA season calander. While a "spring training" of sorts for most, some will already have their noses pressed to the grind stone. Any chapter members who had perfect attendance during the previous year's 5 regular season events,  will fight to the death for the Record of the Year 7" miniature. Actually, they'll just bowl for it.


October: The Sweetness Open

Games: 3

Prizes: Ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

The first regular season event of the MBA season, the Sweetness Open carries a prestige that no other event can touch. Named in honor of Ernest McCracken's beloved bowling ball, "The Sweetness" brings forth feelings of renewed hope, low expectations, and the complete surrender of summer. Three games are played with the highest averages winning the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place ribbons. The actual prizes aren't as large as others later in the season, but the bragging rights are the highest while the expectations become the most exaggerated.

November: The Knock Em' Back Masters 

Games: 2

Prize: The Big Lebrewski

The second event of the season, the Knock'em Back Masters continue the players drive to climb their respective chapter's leaderboard. With only two games to play on this night, the room for error becomes marginal. The only "Masters" of the season doesn't have the same aura of snobbiness as the Sweetness Open, but the players desire to take home "The Golden Colt" makes this one of the league's grittier events.

December: The Great Divide

Games: 2

Prize: His / Her Statues

Put aside some of your competitive spirit while you participate as a PAIR in the season's first team event! The Great Divide pairs the best player and the worst player, second best and second worst, etc. Each team's scores from the two games will be added and then averaged to determine the winning pair. You might hate the person that you have to play with, but for one December night you can channel some of the holiday spirit and use it to destroy everybody else.

January: The Caucasian Open 

Games: 2

Prize: The White Russian 

The second and final team event of the season. The MBA kicks off the new year with one of it's rowdiest: The Caucasian Open. Team captains, aka the top on the leaderboard, will choose teamates from different skill groups so the victory / blame can be shared evenly amongst. The team with the highest average after two games will have their names etched eternally onto the White Russian.

February: The Theodore D. Kerabatsos Memorial Tournament 

Games: 3

Prize: The Pour Donny Award

With the regular season coming to a close, the somber but competitive T.D.K Memorial Tournament gives members one last chance to cement their names into regular season glory. With team play in the rearview, this will be a player's last chance to gain advantageous postseason position or, at the very least, head into March on a hot / cold streak. 3 grueling games will keep everybody's eyes on the standings as they shift dramatically by tournaments end. In lieu of flowers, members can dress in black to pay their respects to our friend Donny.


March - Round 1: The Honorable Munson Wild Card

Games: 1

Prize: The Honorable Munson Trophy/ 8th Seed

While the top 7 players of the season get a VIP pass to the Chapter Championship, the rest of the pack will play for the ultimate in bragging rights. One game and the highest score claims not only the Honorable Munson Trophy, but the elusive 8th seed in the Chapter Championship. They have the chance to come from behind and take it all!

March - Round 2: The Mediocre Cup Finals

Games: 1

Prize: The Mediocre Cup

The 5 season winners of the Dude Award will compete in a similar ONE GAME Mediocre Cup Finals. If one of the Mediocre Cup Finalists win the Honorable Munson Wild Card, they have to choose which path they will take: Munson Cup or Mediocre Cup. If they choose to stick with the "easy path" of the Mediocre Cup Finals, the 2nd place player from the Wild Card tournament will take their place in the 8th seed. Now Breathe. Tough choices ahead!

March - Round 3: The Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship 

Games: 3

Prize: The Munson Cup

This is the event you've been waiting for! The top 7 players of the chapter as well as the Wild Card contender from the Honorable Munson Wild Card Round. The entire chapter will watch as the final 8 players, who will be seeded in a playoff bracket, battle it out through three games until one player is left standing. The prize? The Munson Cup, as well as the prestige that goes along with being the Chapter Champion! Year to year the trophy will get passed around and the names of each season's winner will be engraved on it to let others know the glory that once was. You want to make sure that yours is the only name to grace it's base? You better start practicing now!