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Aug 15, 2012

The Mediocre Bowling Association Launches!

MBA Headquarters - New York, NY

The Mediocre Bowling Association announced its inaugural season today, becoming the first official nationwide bowling league for those players who generally average 140 or less. Untalented bowlers rejoiced at the news while clamoring to sign up. Rioters spilled out onto the street in excitement, while police prepared to control the scene.

"What an exciting time to be a shitty bowler, they're taking everybody!" one bowling enthusiast stated.

The scene outside the location of the Mediocre Bowling Association press conference, no one was injured.

The MBA prides itself with bowling badly and drinking well, claiming they're the league where "...all of our bowlers belong in the gutter." 

While the Association has emerged without any official Chapters, a representative for the MBA stated they had been in talks with prospective Chapter Leaders and were confident that new Chapters would quickly be forming after the MBA's press conference. 

The annoucement of the league comes perfectly timed one month prior to the registration closure date, September 15th. The official season start date is October 1st and the MBA is advertising that recruits can join by visiting their website 

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