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Aug 16, 2012

Staten Island, NY Chapter Officially Launches!

Staten Island, New York 

Dan Derwin of Staten Island, NY has stepped up to the role of Chapter Leader, making the "forgotten borough" the first Chapter of the Mediocre Bowling Association.

When asked why he was so eager to volunteer he said "I'm terrible at bowling. There are a lot of people who are terrible at bowling. There should be a place where we can get together and try to out do each other anyway."

Staten Island Ferry with sunrise, 1999

While the new Chapter has yet to adopt a logo, a representative for the MBA did confirm the colors would be modeled after the Staten Island Ferry's orange and navy motif. "We want each Chapter's logo and colors to have local flavor, orange and blue seemed like the obvious choice for a Chapter representing Staten Island."

The Staten Island, NY Chapter is recruiting now! Applications can be found on the "Join" page of the MBA website,

As a final message to prospective members Derwin promised "We're looking forward to a good season, lots of beer and even more gutter balls." 

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