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Sep 1, 2012

Staten Island, NY Chapter Logo Revealed!

Staten Island, New York

This artwork came across our desk a little while ago. Mistaking it for a NY Mets logo, we just laughed and ignored it. Upon further examination, we've come to the realization that this is the official Staten Island, NY chapter insignia.

Chances are, our performance will be as poor as the the colors are appropriate

The color scheme is described as: "Orange like the sunset, and blue like the collar of the workers in this borough of NYC". We think thats building it up a bit much, so we'll just say: "The blue and orange represent the colors of that free boat we take the Manhattan every day to work, or on the weekends to drink at expensive bars."

Regardless, if you're a representative of the Staten Island, NY chapter, we feel that you should promote this loudly and proudly and celebrate the day your logo was born! Maybe by taking that boat and buying one of those $2 Heinekens.