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Oct 15, 2012

Staten Island Chapter Deals With First Event Scandal

Staten Island, New York

Scandal has already cast a shadow over the Staten Island Chapter's first event, The Sweetness Open.

Member, KC Pugs, is outraged at the scheduling of the 2012 Season Opener, which takes place on the same day as his sons 1st birthday party, causing him to miss his chance to establish an average at the first event. "I'm not happy" was the quote obtained by multiple sources.


Dan Derwin avoids the press when approached for a comment

KC elaborated that he believes this was a purposeful move on the part of Chapter Leader Dan Derwin, who originally scheduled a punk rock show for the Saturday night before the Sweetness at KC's bar, Mother Pugs Saloon. While his son's birthday party was originally scheduled to take place Saturday, Mr. Pugs was forced to push his event to Sunday to accomodate the show. However, later, when the show was "cancelled" and Mr. Derwin "neglected" to relay the news, the damage was done. "The invitations have already been sent out, this can't be reversed." KC said in a hand-written statement following the breaking news. "This scheduling error seems like a purposeful move to keep me from dominating in the first event."


While the rest of the Chapter will be gathering October 21, 2012 at Showplace Bowling Alley to establish their averages and mingle, Mr. Pugs will be forced to dress as Elmo and dance in his yard over a 0 average. 

No one knows how this will effect the Staten Island Chapter Leader's plans to host their post-game festivities, including award ceremony, at Mr. Pugs bar.