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Dec 29, 2012

Official MBA E-Store opens; Sells Things You May / May Not Already Own

MBA Headquarters - New York, NY

The Mediocre Bowling Association is proud to announce the ribbon cutting of it's official online shop. This one stop location will be the only place where you can acquire such goods as T-Shirts, Stickers, Patches, and future items that are sure to turn a curious eye (Pilsner Glasses?). "We are so proud to open up our new store!" Chapter leader Hillary Scott told us via email. "It's even better to start with the warehouse filled with items most of our chapters already have, but maybe we can peddle some of it to the outsiders, maybe even the homeless". Check out the BUY SHIT button in the menu at the top of the main website, or by clicking here.

In other news, ALL player profiles have been updated to reflect the latest in scores from the first group of events through December. Player pictures have also been added, even to those who didn't submit one on their own. We DON'T apologize for the photos used with individual profiles.