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Feb 24, 2013

Playoffs: Roy L Munson Chapter Championship Seeding Announced

MBA Headquarters - New York, NY

After a very exciting Caucasian Open, the Staten Island Chapter of the Mediocore Bowling Association are proud to announce the final playoff seeding for it's Roy L Munson Chapter Championship on Sunday March 24th, 2013 at Showplace Entertainment Center. The top 7 players in the chapter are seeded based on their final regular season average, as well as their season attendance. Players must have attended at LEAST 3 out of the 5 regular season events between October and February. Here is the bracket:

1st - Mike Dillon (132.3) vs 8th - ____________________

2nd - Leigh Janicki (129.7) vs 7th - Brian Galvin (118.2)

3rd - Mike Calascibetta (128) vs 6th - J.R. Marotte (121.8)

4th - Justin Krstinic (125.2) vs 5th - Sean Kuhl (123)

The 8th Seed will be determined by EVERYONE ELSE in a 1 game, highest score, winner take all Wild Card Match, called: The Honorable Munson. Once the winner is determined, the bracket will get under way. The playoffs are also ONE GAME ELIMINATION, and will be reseeded after each round until we have ourselves a champion. This all takes place in the same day, with a slightly earler game time of 3:00pm. Let the shit talking begin.

**To be clear, EVERYONE in the chapter is invited to participate in the Honorable Munson Wild Card regardless of qualification. A disqualified player WON'T be able to move up in the event of a win, but they can keep the hardware. The NEXT QUALIFYING SCORE will move into the 8th seed. We encourage players to get in there and get into the heads of those trying to advance!**

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