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Mar 21, 2013

Playoffs: Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship Preview - March Sadness 2013

Staten Island, New York

Well, the matchups have been posted, the shit talking has begun, and Staten Island's Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship is shaping up to be one to remember. We here at the MBA don't condone slander, unless it involves the league itself, but in preparation for this Sundays event the top 7 and contenders for the Honorable Munson/Wild Card Spot have been jawing relentlessly, online, at bars and to the press. The MBA, also, posted a poll (if you missed it, check the site more frequently!) in which 1,452,567 fans of mediocre bowling voted on who they thought would prevail in the tournament's match ups and end up with their hands on the bowling chapter's holy grail: The Munson Cup. Below, we have some quotes from our contenders on how they hope to perform in the Playoffs, and have posted the resulting percentages of who our fans pick to win. Let 's begin:

1st Seed: Mike "Swim" Dillon (100%)  vs  8th Seed: Honorable Munson/Wild Card Champion (0%)

Mike says: "So I've come to realize that my mediocre greatness had dubbed me the first seed against this so called "contender" that shall currently remain an enigma to my marvelous skill set. I challenge all potential Wild Card competitors to step up their game cause I'm taking home the victory. EAT SHIT!"

2nd Seed: Leigh "The Leighmur" Janicki (79%)  vs  7th Seed: Mark "Tiger" Eadicicco (21%) 

Leigh says: "My heart starts pounding when I try to shit talk...Leighmur vs Tiger 2013!! I do hope I get to do my victory dance:

Mark says: "It's about time I was allowed to enter this competition. I feel like I can be the only legitimate winner because of the illegitimate nature of me weaseling my way in to the top 7. I do plan on refraining from drinking until I get eliminated, at which point I plan on getting bombed and hopefully negatively influencing the rest of the tournament."

3rd Seed: Mike "Kike" Calasibetta (61%)  vs  6th Seed: Jon "JBob" Marotte (39%)

Jon says: "Fake Cousin VS Real Cousin. Where's my soon-to-be man servant Mike Cal-a-whatever?"

Mike says: "Only thing I'll be serving is tissues to dry your eyes after I'm finished with you in the first round." 

4th Seed: Justin "Justin" Krstinic (50%)  vs  5th Seed: Sean "C-Big" Kuhl (50%)

Justin says: "We're bowling Sunday??"

Sean says: "The match between Justin and I will be a gentleman's game. There will be cigars, brandy and a hearty handshake conveying well wishes for the victor as he ventures further down the path towards glory. There's also the slight chance of me screaming fuck and throwing my phone again."

We'll find out who can back up their words this Sunday, when the curtain closes on the 2012-13 season.

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