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Mar 29, 2014

Playoffs: A Look at Tomorrow's Munson Cup Contenders

Staten Island, NY

With the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship taking place this Sunday, the members of the MBA will give it their all in this final competition of the 2013-14 season before they hang up their ugly shoes and lay in the sun during the summer.

While the Honorable Munson Wild Card will be an exciting competition where a number of players are sure to surprise, we take a look at the 1-8 match ups and divulge some facts and anecdotes that will stick to the storyline like a pungent odor: 

1) Sean Kuhl vs 8) Honorable Munson Winner
From not winning a damn thing last season to just about wiping the trophy table clean this season, Sean Kuhl looks to be on his farewell tour as an MBA member but has one more thing to prove - that he is the best of the mediocre at best.  We don't know his opponent yet, but a few names that could give him an upset are Leigh Janicki, Keith Paras, Mark Eadicicco, or Ryan Petersen.

2) Geoff Celis vs 7) Mike Calascibetta
Newcomer Geoff Celis sits in the comfortable number 2 seed, but he'll have his hands full as he faces off against the 2013 Munson Cup champion, who will be foaming at the mouth to defend his title. Celis' body of work this season speaks for itself, so he won't have any excuses. "I won't make any excuses" Celis told the MBA press. Calascibetta couldn't be reached for comment, but was seen putting a photo of himself with the Munson Cup in his pocket for good luck. 

3) Jon Marotte vs 6) Justin Krstinic
Fresh off a win at the TDK Memorial Tournament, Jon Marotte will undoubtedly be light in the loafers, more so that usual, when he walks into Showplace Bowling Alley this Sunday. He will have to face the Sweetness Open silver medalist and season spares champion Justin Krstinic in what we will be an awesome bout. With only a 4 pin season advantage for Marotte over Krstinic, even Las Vegas can't figure out how this one will end. 

4) Mike Dillon vs 5) Dan Derwin
What more can be said about a "run of the mill" 4 vs 5 seed match up. It has just the right ingredients to be the most boring match of the playoffs. When you put aside that these 2 have been friends for over 30 years, one threw another into his grand mother's thorn bushes, one broke the others finger (accidentally) over who's turn it was to play Sega Genesis, and that they're separated by .4 pins, it's a pretty shitty match up.

Take these notes, and place your bets. You'll make no money. We'll see everybody at the alley bar between 2:30-3pm for sign ups!