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Apr 13, 2014

Wrap Up: Krstinic Fulfills Lifelong Dream, Munson Cup Gets New Home

-Staten Island, New york

Justin Krstinic shows off his awards and the shirt that inspired him to beat competitor Dillon

Ladies and gentlemen, the Roy L. Munson Cup has a new (temporary) owner. Justin Krstinic defeated Mike Dillon in a dramatic 190 to 186 victory in front of a jaw dropped crowd that couldn’t take their eyes off the drama unfolding in front of them , though, MBA officials theorize that about half of them (50%) were watching the Justin Bieber video playing above the pins at the time.  Krstinic, who will have his banner hung from the rafters at Mother Pugs Saloon in September next to last year’s champion Mike Calascibetta, will continue the trend of names nobody can pronounce displayed proudly at everybody’s favorite dive bar.

Mike Calavamobacitas (or something like that) got downgraded from champion to clerical assistant

Dillon, who in his second consecutive Munson Cup Final defeat, described exactly how he felt moments after the match to a group of MBA reporters. “I’m the Buffalo Bills of the Staten Island Chapter.” Dillon claimed. “I could have sworn a 186 would put me with the immortals.”

The last event of the season started off with the always competitive Honorable Munson Wild Card round. With the winner moving on to face Sean Kuhl as the 8th seed, players got going in a hurry. Hillary Scott, Leigh Janicki, Dave Derwin, Ryan Petersen, and Keith Paras were the ones to watch after the 5th frame. While Dave Derwin needed a turkey in the last frame to win, it would be Petersen who would win the Wild Card trophy. “I can’t tell you what I’m going to do with this hand, but I can tell you that I will enjoy it.” Explained Petersen as he made crude gestures.

Winner of the Honorable Munson, Ryan Petersen. He later went on to "Blow it," according to his life-partner Maggi Weaver

The seeding was set, and now the one game elimination bracket showdown was underway. Kuhl vs Petersen, Celis vs Calascibetta, Marotte vs Krstinic, Dillon vs Derwin.

In the first round, Kuhl vs Petersen was closer than one would think. With Petersen’s handicap of 13, the score was pretty locked by the 8th frame, but Kuhl would finish strong and avoid what would have been a major upset in the event with a slim 122 to 113 win. Calascibetta would have one of his weaker games of the season and lose to Celis with little fanfare, aside from poorly defending his title in the opening match losing 140-123. The same would happen in the Marotte/Krstinic battle with the latter sealing it with a 168 to 146 victory. Dillon vs Derwin was neck and neck all the way to the 9th frame, until Dillon put it away with 4 straight strikes to embarrass his childhood friend and league commissioner winning 169-127.


Kuhl, who was the season’s best competitor, faced Krstinic in the second round. As the match went along, it would be Krstinic with the edge sending the Las Vegas favorite to the showers. “That was the biggest moment of my MBA career to date.” Kristnic would later recall. “The road to the championship would have to go through the big man himself.” The final score would be 137 to 123.

Finishing strong with a hambone in the first round, Dillon would not slow down. He ended up giving Celis a taste of the promise he had last season in these championship games. “It was obvious that he was warmed up and there was nothing I could do.” Celis told onlookers as he cried into his Denino’s pizza after the match. The final score would be 137 to 112.

This set up the final match, Dillon vs Krstinic for the Munson Cup.  Two work buddies and bowling rivals of similar skill. Dillon would stay 10 to 20 pins ahead of Krstinic the entire match, with a 105 to 95 advantage in the 5th frame, 143 to 124 in the 7th frame, and a 160 to 149 in the 8th. Finally catching up with two strikes and coming back with a 169 to 168 advantage in the 9th frame, Krstinic finished his game with a 190. Dillon needed his last throw to be a strike, but he would only get 8 pins, sealing the victory for Krstinic.

Dejected competitors hang up their shoes and balls after another fantastically mediocre season

Another great season in the books and a thank you to everyone that was a part of it. The MBA takes pride in it’s league and looks to fine tune some of the rules and regulations to make sure that we stay both competitive and fun for bowlers of all skill levels. We will be looking to add more chapters in the offseason and hopefully brew some rivalries with other cities looking to bowl aggressively ina mediocre fashion. See you in September for both the banner raising and the MBA Chapter Invitational / Preseason event.

Other notables for the evening include:

*No season can end without hardware being handed out for those with season best totals:

Sean Kuhl would take home his first Helen Dillon Memorial Trophy for finishing with a league best 40 strikes. This, also, shatters Mike Dillon’s previous record of 20 strikes from last season.

Munson Cup winner Justin Krstinic would take home the inaugural Fred Glasier Memorial Trophy for finishing with a league best 38 spares. Leigh Janicki still holds the chapter’s record with 41 in the MBA’s inaugural season.

Jessica Arvelo took home the Most Mediocre Award in her first season for finishing with a VERY mediocre 110.7 average. Although Justin Marino was in line to win this trophy with his 113.5 average, his sole appearance in the Caucasian Open would disqualify him from contending for it since he needed at least 3 season appearances to take home any awards. “I can’t believe I won it.” She explained afterwards. “What the hell am I going to do with a painted bowling pin and where the hell has Justin been?”

While no award is handed out for the most gutters at the end of a season (yet), Heather Paras, pathetically, only threw 42 gutters to lead the league. She came nowhere close to her own record last year of 61 gutters thrown. She DID however walk away with an impressive 2 Gutter Trash Awards bringing her career collection to 5.

*Bari Reiter won her first Gutter Trash Award for throwing 3 in the Honorable Munson Wild Card round. Maggi Weaver also threw 3, but she had more strikes (1) triggering the tie breaker in Reiter’s favor. “Do I get to take this home or can I take it to work?” Reiter asked the press afterwards. She was later told via UPS 1st class letter “Yes.”

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