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Sep 17, 2014

Staten Island Chapter Invitational Participants Announced


 This Sunday, the Staten Island chapter officially kicks of it’s “training camp” if you want to put it mildly. Returning members, as well as a few rookies who want to see what the league is all about, will be on hand at Showplace Bowling Alley to throw a couple of rounds and prepare for a long winter of tears, fits, and mouthing off. They will be free and clear of any stress in practice, and will not be competing for any hardware.

This same event, for the second consecutive season, will have a few lanes dedicated to returning members who participated in all 5 regular season events last year (the Chapter Invitational & Roy L. Munson Championship are regarded as pre/post season events.) These iron men and women will gut it out for the Punctual Pumpkin Award, given to the player with the highest average after two games. The MBA is proud to announce the participants in the 2014 Staten Island Chapter Invitational, in order of last season’s final leader board:


  1 – Sean Kuhl

  2 – J. R. Marotte

  3 – Mike Dillon

  4 – Dan Derwin

  5 – Justin Krstinic

  6 – Mike Calascibetta

  7 – Ryan Petersen

  8 – Leigh Janicki

  9 – Hillary Scott

10 – Jessica Winder

11 – Sara Frank

12 – Maggi Weaver


Check in by 3:30pm at the bar so we can be on the lanes by 4pm please! This event after all DOES celebrate punctuality!