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Oct 13, 2014

New Rule Changes for the 2014-15 Season


 The Mediocre Bowling Association have announced that they have made 3 major changes to the rule infrastructure that will begin with the 2014-15 season. League officials held a brief press conference outside of Sbarro Pizza in Times Square to discuss with media what changes they are implementing. In summary, here is what they have told us:

 * A GUTTER TRASH AWARD can now be “cashed in” for bumpers, under the following conditions:

- It can ONLY be used in the event that follows the one in which it was won by the player.

- It can ONLY be used in ONE of the games within a tournament, chosen by the player before the first frame of said game. This allows the player to strategize when it can be best used to his/her advantage.

- The Gutter Trash given during March’s Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship will no longer be awarded, since it can’t be cashed in during the same season.

 *The GREAT DIVIDE tournament will undergo a major overhaul. Instead of being a battle of the sexes, players will compete in PAIRS. According to the chapter leader board proceeding the event, the top player will be paired with the bottom player, and so on. If one player (who will of course represent the most mediocre in the standings) ends up without a partner due to an uneven roster, they will play solo and have their scores doubled in the 2 game average event. A New trophy will be announced at a later date that will replace “The Majestic Cup.”

 * THE DUDE AWARD will be introduced in the 2014-15 season. At the conclusion of each regular season event, the player who’s score is closest to the day’s mediocre average WITHOUT GOING OVER, will win The Dude Award. The day’s mediocre average will be determined by adding every player’s event average and dividing it by the number of players that participated in the day's event.

 * THE MEDIOCRE CUP FINAL will be a new playoff event played on the same day as the Honorable Munson Wild Card & Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship in March. This tournament can only be participated in by players who have won the DUDE AWARD during the season. This event, which will be played after the H.M. Wild Card and during the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship, will be a SINGLE game. In the event a player who has the right to partake in this new tournament, wins the H.M. Wild Card, they will have to choose EITHER the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship or the Mediocre Cup Final.


Any questions about the above rule changes, consult your chapter leader!