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Jan 1, 2015

Wrap-Up: A Come-From-Behind Majestic Win for Eadicicco and Scott


Anytime the person who sits in the big chair wins a tournament that they themselves created, there is a good chance that somebody is going to have something terrible to say about it. In 2013 when co-commissioner Dan Derwin won 3rd place in the Sweetness Open, Melissa Roche had this to say about it: “That stinks.”

At this December’s 2014 Great Divide, when the other commissioner Hillary Scott and her partner Mark Eadicicco took home the Majestic Cup, Roche again chimed in: “That stinks too.”

While most players were paired based on their place on the leaderboard,
Kuhl and O Shea were paired based on height

For the first time in this event’s history, the players were split into teams of two pairing the best in the league with the worst, second best with the second worst, and so on. Since Leigh Janicki and KC Pugs were playing in their first tournament of the 2014-15 season, they were paired together since they didn’t have a current score to go off of. “I don’t mind,” said Mr. Pugs. “I came from the Jets game drunk.” At press time, the Jets didn’t win their game either.

Fresh off the DL, Janicki was paired with KC Pugs who was performing at his peak

A total of 34 players took part in the annual December event. For the most part, the bowling in and of itself was uneventful. Some MBA league officials were seen dozing off into their alley fries and mozzarella sticks.  This didn’t stop everybody from basking in the rarity of rooting for other people. “It’s cool that I can be paired up with either a total stranger, or somebody that I hate.” Kerri Bosso told the press via FaceTime on Christmas morning. 

An example of some of the total strangers who participated in this event

As the lanes began to go dark one by one, players were starting to boast that there was “no way they didn’t win” including one player who asked not to be identified, since he ended up losing. Each lane was better than the next, up to and including lane 23 that housed Scott and Eadicicco. With 4 game totals of 142, 167, 119, 148 respectively, they would each take home their first gold of their respective MBA careers. “I thought it was all a dream, until I woke up this morning and saw the Majestic Cup on my living room table.” Eadicicco texted the league office the following morning. “I was the fucking BEST!”**

They both were. They were, as they say, “Majestic.”

**While proofreading this article, Hillary Scott contested the perception that Mark Eadicicco was the “best”. “If anything, I carried the team…I got a 167 for Pete’s sake.” When asked why Eadicicco had the trophy to prove his bowling prowess, Scott grumbled and said something about a “failed arm-wrestling match.”

Other notables for the evening include:

* Last month’s Gutter Trash Award winner Jen Carlo, was unable to attend the Great Divide. This marks the second winner of said award this season not to show up to the following event and cash in their chance to use bumpers in one of their games. Heather Paras, who would eventually win her career 6th in a triple tiebreaker with Todd Currier and Dave Derwin, finished with, ahem, 6 gutters. “I only throw 6 and I STILL win?!.” She raved. “I can’t give these things away.”

* An MBA record fell this evening when 9 players each threw 4 spares in one game, leading the most thrown in 10 frames on this night. Rogers, Petersen, Frank, Eadicicco, Krstinic, KC Pugs, S. Kuhl, J. Kuhl, and Colletta went out and shared a vanilla Frosty at Wendy’s afterwards. 

* Jon Marotte would take home his first Dude Award with an average of 121.5 barely scraping the 122.2 average that would be the most mediocre. This puts himself in the league of extraordinary gentlemen alongside Matt Wilson and Rich Colletta for the right to participate in March’s Mediocre Cup Finals. “Time for these ‘men’ to get a spoonful of truth.” Marotte said. There are two more spoons up for grabs in January and February.

* Mike Calascibetta missed the Great Divide due to the birth of his first son, Jack, while promising to attend January’s Caucasian Open. Eric Ornstein took exception to Calascibetta’s absence. “You didn’t see me miss the Chapter Invitational in September when my daughter Luca was born.” Ornstein said. According to the Mediocre Stats Bureau, (M.S.B.) Ornstein did in fact miss the event.