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Jan 7, 2015

Captains announced for Staten Island's 2015 Caucasian Open


The Staten Island chapter of the Mediocre Bowling Association in conjunction with the league, the chapter, the MBA, and the league are proud to announce the six captains that will be represent their respective teams in the 2015 Caucasian Open. These players have been chosen based on their top six leader board seeding prior to January 18th’s event. The captains will choose their teams in the following order:


1 - Pat Felitti – 140.4 Average

Riding a bloated handicap from his wave of inconsistent attendance and play during the 2013-14 season doesn’t mask the fact that Felitti IS having a career season. Hitting the handicap eligible ceiling after his performance at December’s Great Divide, he will be asked to lead his team based on pure skill.


2 – Kevin Rogers – 140.4 Average

Having thrown 3 less strikes than Pat Felitti for the tie breaker, Rogers will have to settle into the role of captain 1A. At this point in the season last year, Rogers had a 103.2 average for 20th in the league. Throwing 9 more strikes and 6 more spares this season proves that it’s not all about the handicap, which will be at 0 starting in 2 weeks. Las Vegas doesn’t know how to call this one.


3 – Justin Krstinic – 139.8 Average

A serial contender in just about every tournament since he joined, including a Munson Cup banner in the rafters, Krstinic will take his “rightful place” as a captain in this Caucasian Open for the 3rd season in a row. “I haven’t had my name placed on the White Russian yet, so I’m still ‘thirsty’ for a win.” Krstinic was beat with a bag of pennies for his terrible joke post interview.


4 – Sean Kuhl – 137 Average

Coming off a 2014 Caucasian Open win leading Team No Surfboards to the promised land, Kuhl says that it’s not about the team you pick, but how much you yell at them. “The more veins in your neck, the better.” Kuhl said. “I’ve married one of my teammates since the win, so I might have to pick somebody else.” Kuhl has had a pretty average season for his standards, not collecting any tournament hardware since the last time the Open came around.


5 – Dan Derwin – 136.8 Average

The co-commissioner has been in these shoes before. The 2014 Caucasian captain thought he had it in the bag when notorious pressure performer / champion Mike Calascibetta was available in the draft. Bowling a 97 and 114 didn’t help matters as the captain and his crew were sunk by the middle of the second game. Near the top of both the strikes and spares column in the leader board, Derwin feels he has a great chance to finally reach shore with his still unknown crew of miscreants.


6 – Sara Frank – 136.5 Average

Although recently married to MBA League Official Mark Eadicicco, this has no bearing on how Frank earned her first career Caucasian Open captaincy. In 14th place and bowling a 113.6 at this point last year, Frank feels like she can prove all the naysayers wrong. The one question in this tournament is whether or not Frank will turn her back on notorious event protesters M.E.S.S. (Mediocre Equality Standing Strong) for which she was an active member. M.E.S.S. Presidente’ Todd Currier has made it crystal clear that if she proceeds as captain, she will be 86’ed for life from the movement.


Watch all of the madness go down on Sunday January 18th, 2015 at Showplace Bowling Alley at 3:30.