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Mar 21, 2015

Playoffs: A Sneak Peek of "Who To Watch" at Tomorrow's Big Events!


With tomorrow’s full slate of playoff events for the Staten Island Chapter starting in less than 24 hours, the MBA is proud to give fans around the globe a little more information on the match ups and happenings during the three events: The Honorable Munson Wild Card, Mediocre Cup Finals, and the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship. Here goes:

Honorable Munson Wild Card:

This event is always interesting to say the least. With only game played, just about anyone has the chance to bowl an upset and take home “The Hand” trophy and sneak into the 8th seed in the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship. Perennial Cup Finalist Mike Dillon is not only in the Wild Card pot for the first time, but he is ineligable to advance to the upper tournament, since he didn’t attend 3 out of the 5 regular season events. Sara Frank has an excellent chance of winning the Wild Card, as does Jess Kuhl and commissioner Dan Derwin, who was the 5th seed last season.

Mediocre Cup Finals:

The 5 participants this season are, in order: Matt Wilson, Rich Colletta, Jon Marotte, Sara Frank, and Matt Meinzer. If any of the above names wins the Wild Card, which will be played first, they can only participate in EITHER this tournament or the 8th seed in the RLMCC. This inaugural tournament, also one game, we at the MBA are excited to see how it turns out. “I don’t know how it will turn out.” Jon Marotte told the media. Thanks, Jon.

Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship:

1) Sean Kuhl vs 8) ?Wild Card?

This is the second year in the row that Kuhl is in the 1st seed. Last year he faced Ryan Petersen, who earned the 8th seed by winning the wild card, but then lost to the eventual champion Justin Krstinic. “I won’t take my eventual opponent lightly, and I sure as hell can’t take my foot off the gas if I win.”

2) Geoff Celis vs 7) Pat Felitti

Celis is back for revenge after losing the Mike Dillon in the second round last year. His opponent will be interesting. Pat Felitti has been here before, but the last time as the 8th seed. He went out with a whimper to Mike Dillon in 2013. This time, he’s had the kind of regular season that proved he can play with the rest.

3) Justin Krstinic vs 6) Kevin Rogers

The champ vs the most improved. Krstinic will take his rightful place in the March Badness bracket for the 3rd straight season. Rogers, who rearranged his flight home from Texas to attend the tournament, will face his toughest test in his MBA career. All eyes will be on this game for sure. 

4) Mark Eadicicco vs 5) Joe Tavalare

Eadicicco, also, has been here before in 2013. He too went out in the first round (we’re seeing a pattern here.) “Rookie of the Year” winner Tavalare has impressed all season. With a 138.1 regular season average against Eadicicco’s 139, this SHOULD be the closest battle on the docket.

We’ll see everybody tomorrow for an exciting final day of the 2014-15 season at 3:30 at the Showplace Alley bar!