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Apr 14, 2015

A New Champion, Geoff Celis, Is Crowned, Wins Munson Cup


Three events would take part on this day, with the usual Honorable Munson Wild Card round taking place first. The competition was high and the shit talking was the same as it always is. The stand outs of the tournament would be co-commissioner Hillary Scott and recently activated from the IR Leigh Janicki. They were neck and neck towards the 10th frame, but the final would be 154 and 149, in favor of Janicki who would walk away with the first Honorable Munson of her career.”Wild Card bitches!” could be heard for hours at both the lanes and on social media alike.

The difference this year, was the appearance of an innocent looking young girl with a tiara on her head watching from the sidelines as chapter members bowled. What began as an innocent admiration of drunken bowlers, slowly turned into a disturbing eye sore that “legally distracted everybody.” an anonymous Jon Marotte would claim. Bowlers would submit an official protest with the league for the duration of the “princess’s soul sucking stare down.” League officials ruled that it would be impossible for a child to impose such a distraction to it’s professional members.

Matt Meinzer, obviously distracted, by the "Tiara Trance," inset

An obviously distracted Ryan Petersen

The inaugural Mediocre Cup Finals took place next, with the five winners of the season long Dude Awards taking part in a one game, winner take all tournament. The competition started pretty close, but it would end up being a runaway with rookie Matt Meinzer taking home the Mediocre Cup with a 146 score. “I talked to the bartender and we made sure that the cup was leak proof before I filled it with beer.” Meinzer told the press as beer clearly leaked out of the bottom. “I’ll take care of this, don’t worry. He added.

"See? It's leak free!"

Finally, we had the Staten Island chapter’s 3rd Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship.

The first round was one of the most exciting in recent years. With close scores all around, it wouldn’t be until the later frames that players would be eliminated. “It was nice to see that nobody laid down.” Maggi Weaver was overheard saying as she watched her boyfriend demolish a tray of nachos. With a very golf-like atmosphere, players congratulated each other and would politely high five after each throw. Sean Kuhl would defeat Wild Card winner Leigh Janicki 124 to 112 (Kuhl has a history of bowling to the competition in his first round of the playoffs.) Geoff Celis would defeat Pat Felitti 144 to 126. Rookie of the Year Joe Tavalare would defeat February’s T.D.K. Memorial Tournament champion Mark Eadicicco 151 to 130.

“There will be a new champion!”  is what was shouted by Commissioner Dan Derwin from the very last lane at the conclusion of this match up between reigning champion Justin Krstinic and first time playoff seed Kevin Rogers. Rogers had defeated Krstinic by the slimmest of margins, 171 to 170. “I just couldn’t believe it.” Krstinic said while sitting in a corner chair with his hood up.

"I knocked you out of the tournament." "I know"

In the second round, it would seem Kevin Rogers, who rearranged his flight home from Texas to land earlier so he could partake in the tournament, was finally out of gas. He would lose to Kuhl 131 to 110. “I’m so tired, I can’t even stand.” Rogers said post game. “I’ve had my best season so far, so I can’t be too disappointed.” He sure did. Rogers finished with a career high in strikes, spares, and average, as well as sharing the season spares title with Eadicicco and Krstinic. In the other game, Celis would defeat Tavalare in a close game, 168 to 152. “This guy will be a force in this league for years to come.” Celis told random children at the lanes following his match with Tavalare.

The championship round would pit two first time finalists against each other. Neither one seemed nervous, but you could tell that neither wanted to lose. The game was low scoring, but tight as can be. Kuhn lead Celis 111 to 109 in the 8th frame, but it would be Celis who threw back to back strikes followed by a spare in the 9th and 10th frames respectively to claim his first Munson Cup. “It’s an unbelievable feeling.” he would tell local patrons at the Randall Manor Bar & Grill afterwards while celebrating. Kuhl, who was also in attendance at the celebration, took the loss well. “I have a lot of hardware from these last two seasons, but that one will have to wait.” he said.

Geoff Celis, having a chuckle with the previous winner's "Ring of Honor," wins his first Munson Cup

So will everybody else. Even though the season is over, members hope to hear “There will be a new champion!” again next year.

Other notables for the evening include:

*Your regular season award winners:

George Karyczak - Most Mediocre Bowler - 114.7 Average

Sean Kuhl - Helen Dillon Memorial Award (Most Strikes) - 29

Mark Eadicicco, Justin Krstinic, Kevin Rogers - Fred Glasier Memorial Award (Most Spares) - 36

Joe Tavalare - Rookie of the Year - 138.1 Average