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Dec 10, 2015

League Opens Statistics Bureau, Leaderboard and Career Stats aplenty.

MBA Headquarters - New York, NY

After taking a peek into the league's financial records, CEO Dan Derwin deemed it appropriate to hire some mathemeticians for the arduous job of sifting through historical records of all members and events.. The Mediocre Bowling Association Statistics Bureau have tackled their first assignment given to them. Players can now check their profiles to see their all time career numbers. "We can't promise that you'll like what you see when it comes to players scores, but at least they can see them." Derwin said in front of a packed media room. "Rumor has it the mathematicians can be bribed, as well." Head to your chapter's page to check out your profile, along with other pertinent information HERE!

Bringing numbers back to the current day, the MBASB have finally rolled out the new leaderboard. Although members probably won't notice much of a difference, the Bureau has allowed for the leaderboards to be updated in a much easier way. Check out where you stand toward the bottom of your chapter page!

Over time, league events will have their own pages along with historial notes, unbreakable (probably breakable) records from years past. We're looking forward to working with the MBASB in the years ahead.