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May 1, 2016

Registration Opens Surprisingly Early For League That Can't Get Their Shit Together


Well, you can't start too early. Registration for the Mediocre Bowling Association's 5th season is open!

Less than two months ago, a champion was crowned. We here at the MBA would like to forget about him already and MOVE ON!

Those who have bowled with us know what to expect. For those that are new, take a look around our website. We have player profiles, leaderboards, a rule book, all time high scores, trophies -- all for being mediocre!

Whether you'd like to join an existing chapter, or start one of your own (anywhere on planet earth), we look forward to having your pedestrian bowling skills sketched on the walls of MBA history.

Click HERE to join an existing chapter or HERE to start one! Here's to a very tepid 2016-17 season!