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Jun 17, 2016

MBA Places THIRD in 2016 Punk Rock Bowling Tournament

- Asbury Park, NJ

When league officials submitted a list of names to participate in the 2016 Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Asbury Park, they hoped they’d have a shot to at least finish in the top 16….since there were 16 teams competing. But beyond all odds, by 2 pm the team (made up of Dan Derwin, Hillary Scott, Mike Calascibetta, and Sean Kuhl) would be taking their victory team photo on the lanes holding THIRD PLACE MEDALS!


The Dream Team 

“It is unbelievable.” Calascibetta said. “I’m going to drink in celebration and then pawn this to get toll money for my trip back to Queens.”


Wares peddling in full effect at PRB

The Misfits were blasting through the alley, the spiked belts were cutting people, and the gutter balls were aplenty. Three grueling games for a room full of punk rockers who aren’t used to being awake until at least noon. 

 Unfortunately, the MBA team were placed on a lane directly next to the Mother Pugs Saloon, who's team consisted of MBA league members since Pugs owner KC Wonsowicz was too lazy to source his own foursome of mediocre bowlers. Ryan Petersen, Todd Currier, George Karyczak, and Leigh Janicki represented Staten Island’s favorite dive bar for the day. When management was approached to fix this glaring distraction, the Pugs team was relocated to the other end of the alley. “We couldn’t take Todd complaining about the ball return wait cutting into his tiki bar time at the hotel.” Hillary Scott said. “Rumor has it, he picked up a 7-10 split...but we didn't see it, so we don't believe it.”

 If anyone recognizes this ass, please let us know (We think she's from LA?)

Despite some lane mixups The Mother Pugs Saloon team ended up as the runners up with a 4th place finish. 

 But back to the MBA, things weren’t looking good by the end of the first game. Derwin bowled a 111, while Kuhl was having trouble getting his ball to curve. “In typical fashion, I was sweating when the spot light was on me.” Kuhl said. “I’ll get over it and move on to thinking about the next season.”

 Punk rock zine snapping pictures of the beautiful White Russian Trophy

While the second and third games were much improved, they would miss out on second place by 1 pin! "Well isn't that the pits" League Commisioner Dan Derwin was heard saying drunkenly over cheese fries during the announcements. 

 Boston chapter in the future?! 

To celebrate, the teams DID end up in Todd Currier’s hotel pool, but alas the tiki bar was closed. A couple of tall boys around the pool would have to do. While they all began to dream about next year's PRB tournament (Vegas 2017, anyone?) they will have the rest of the summer to mentally prepare for what REALLY counts: The MBA's 5th season.