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Aug 15, 2016

MBA Expands to Boston; Chapter Begins Play In October


What better way to kick off the 5th anniversary of the Mediocre Bowling Association than to expand upon it's cult like bowling status. The league is proud to announce in conjunction with the city of Boston, it's 2nd chapter in history!League officials bowling with the future members of the MBA Boston chapter back in June at PRB Asbury Park.

"We bowled right next to the league officials during the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Asbury Park this past June and were just enamored with their ability to bowl like complete shit, but drinking like true champions of the sport." Boston chapter founder Maria Crooker said to the press. "We figured we would be able to do the same thing in our home town as well."

17 people have signed up for the expansion chapter to date. Crooker feels like this is just the beginning (maybe because it is.) "We feel that we will get more people to join as word spreads around our local bars and alleys." At press time, we couldnt confirm whether she meant "Bowling Alleys" or "Alleyways," 

An unconfirmed photo of some guy named Tom from New England bowling. It's presumed he will join the new MBA Boston chapter.

Since the announcement of expansion, some members have been wondering whether or not there will be an additional competition that puts both chapters against each other. "No comment at this time." was all we could get out of Commissioner Dan Derwin. He then oddly winked, snapped his fingers, and pointed at the sky like he completed a touch down. He then added "What is the weather like up in Boston around April?"