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Sep 12, 2016

Expansion Continues: Lancaster, PA Launches Chapter In Time for 2016-17 Season


The Mediocre Bowling Association is taking it's shitty talents to Amish country. Lancaster, Pennslvania will join the league in time for it's 5th anniversary season. They will join the newly minted Boston chapter as the MBA's latest expansion endevor.

Lancaster chapter leader Mike McDonnell after his stainless steel leg replacement surgery to help his bowling approach speed

"After being asked a few years back to start a chapter and not getting around to it, I decided that it was time to get the ball rolling (get it?)" chapter founder Mike McDonnell told the Amish Sports Press. "I've been in close contact with league officialls over the past few weeks and we figured out a way to get it done." He would continue to describe what he liked about the chapter's logo. "We somehow crammed Central Market, the Red Rose of Lancaster, and bowling pins into it while designing it into an Amish Hex." At press time, nobody knew what an Amish Hex was.

It's been a wild offseason for the MBA. Between working with two chapter leaders on expansion, changing league offices, to working out some new ideas for the 5th anniversary season. Co-czar Hillary Scott looked exausted when she addressed the media earlier this morning. "I'm going to lay down. Is Law & Order SVU on?" she said.

League CEO Hillary Scott moments before speaking to the press / post SVU

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