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May 24, 2018

MBA Represents at 2018 Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas THIS WEEKEND!


 The Mediocre Bowling Association in conjunction with Punk Rock Bowling are proud to announce that the league will be represented in the 2018 tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada this Memorial Day weekend!


With much internal consideration, it was determined that league CEOs Dan Derwin and Hillary Scott will lead the way. Filling out the four “man” roster will be Staten Island chapter member Kris Mork as well as Lancaster chapter leader Mike McDonnell. “After flying to Boston for the MBA World Tour last month and winning my SECOND Chapter Cup, I feel like it was the league’s duty to recruit me.” McDonnell said while at the airport waiting for his gold jet that will never come.


Peddling our wares at PRB Asbury Park 2016

The MBA will be one of 150 teams representing at Punk Rock Bowling. At the conclusion of Saturday’s tournament, 60 teams will move on to bowl on Sunday in the playoffs. “We expect nothing less than an appearance on Sunday.” Scott said while eating Bugles on her front porch. In two other PRB appearances at the 2016 and 2017 tournaments, the MBA finished 3rd and 5th respectively.

Make sure to follow our journey LIVE on our official Instgram account as well as the Lancaster chapter’s account as we take you through everything from bowling, to drinking, to recruiting new chapters, to sleeping. 24 hours of pure excitement!


Hopefully not us ^

Wish us mother fuckers luck!