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May 23, 2019

NEWS: MBA at Punk Rock Bowling THIS WEEKEND / Summit with MGA


The MBA will once again represent at Punk Rock Bowling this weekend in Las Vegas. Including the two editions in Asbury Park, this will be our fourth year taking part. Staten Island chapter’s Dan Derwin, Hillary Scott, Kris Mork, and Lancaster’s Joabi Leflar were hand picked to represent for 2019. “It used to be a lot more convenient when it was an hour away, but this league will do what it has to do and our players will begrudgingly play under the bright lights of sultry sin.” CEO Hillary Scott said while packing her bathing suit for the hotel pool.

 Mike will be with us in spirit. His reflection, 2018

Our first two years in Asbury Park, we finished in third and fifth place, respectively. Last year, we didn’t even make the Top 60! Apparently, because we didn’t have an established handicap, we were at a disadvantage. “We tried to tell them that we were all handicapped in some fashion, but they were talking in strict bowling terms.” Mork said to the press before boarding his private jet.


We arent too far from the team Edward James Bowlmos!

We are hoping to change the ending this time around. If you’re in town and want to root us on, we will be competing at Sam’s Town on Lane 15 on Saturday May 25th@ 12pm PST.



The MBA and the MGA (Mediocre Golf Association) are going to be having their first official summit at the Golden Nugget. An inspiration for the bowling league, the MGA’s El Presidente Jon Morley will be there as an ambassador. As per a reliable source, these two power houses will not only be meeting to discuss league business, but will engage in sport as well. “I heard that they are going compete in a tournament of not only bowling, but Top Golf.” Said a man who showed up to speak to the press in a dark parking garage holding a briefcase. “I don’t know what the prize will be or what of the bragging rights, but I heard that it’s a go.”


Doesn't seem like this will be too friendly

Maybe they come out the other side with an official merger? Gowling? Bolf? Time will tell.

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