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Jun 4, 2019

NEWS: MBA vs MGA in Las Vegas; Plagerized Article


A league commissioner’s work is never done. Just minutes after landing back in New York City from Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas, Dan Derwin was asked to write a clever article that specifically covered the first ever MGA/MBA Golf & Bowling Shootout Spectacular. “I figured that after spending my entire red eye flight writing it, I could lean on the dependable / capable Mediocre Golf Association El Presidente’ Jon Morley to at least upload it to his website.” Derwin said. “He promised that he would.”

Part of the promise was kept.  Something was uploaded, but most of it was manipulated to put the MBA in an unfavorable light. Let’s take this one step at a time: Here is a link to the original article in question.

1)   HE TOOK CREDIT FOR THE ARTICLE – As you can see in the provided picture, this article was written by Dan Derwin. Clear as day and cannot be debated.


2)   THE SILVER NUGGET WAS PARADISE – From the food crumbs embedded in the carpet, to the homeless man kind enough to sell headphones to patrons entering the front doors, the Silver Nugget was everything we expected from a bowling experience in Las Vegas. My guess would be that the MGA players have lofty expectations. We’re sorry that we weren’t outside surrounded by Kentucky Blue Grass.

Jon can't believe the MBA won in their own back yard

Managed to snap a picture as our Lyft Limo left the Silver Nugger going 146MPH

3)   WE DIDN’T KNOW OUR SCORES WOULD COUNT AT TOP GOLF – This might sound like sour grapes, but we honestly didn’t know the statistician was working that day. The MBA crew had heard about the delicious tacos that were served on location and were egged on to join the MGA crew for “a few shots.” Usually we golf better, anyway. The tacos made us tired.

4)   JOABI HIT THE CEILING ON PURPOSE: I know the GIF provided in the article was meant to poke fun at the MBA’s collective golfing skills, but this is just pure misrepresentation. Morley & co took it upon themselves to edit out the large spider he was not only trying to kill, but did. Unedited photo provided.

File Photo #452927

5)   TRUTH: THIS WAS THE 1ST ANNUAL EVENT AND WAS FUN – This whole summarization doesn’t have to be negative. Even though we lost (apparently,) a good time was had by all in attendance. It was pretty unnecessary to rub our noses in it outside of the Top Golf facility. Simple handshakes would have sufficed.

West coast street toughs giving our MBA the business.

After all was said and done, Jon Morley, Dan Derwin, and Hillary Scott met at Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer to close out the summit. They discussed the weekend’s competition and exchanged ideas for the leagues going forward. While we had no official trophy for this event, we learned that the MBA Lancaster chapter’s Joabi Leflar “acquired” a can of bowling shoe spray from the Silver Nugget. Before we had a chance to procure it from him, he said that it saturated his leg during the smuggling operation. He ended up leaving it in the Golden Nugget hotel elevator. Oh well.

One of the biggest lessons we learned going forward: DON’T TRUST ANYONE.