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Feb 8, 2020

NEWS: League Honors the Late Theodore Kerabatsos with Updated Trophy


The Mediocre Bowling Association, in conjunction with the Theodore Donald Kerabatsos Memorial Foundation, have agreed in both financial and respectful terms in accordance to our beloved deceased friend to swap out the shitty old tap trophy for something that befits the class and dignity of the league's honorary tournament.

"I know the guy is dead and wouldnt know the difference anyway, but we figured to class things up a little bit." league intern Ripkin was quoted when asked about the new trophy on his walk around Silver Lake Park. "All parties involved decided it would be best to upgrade what many saw as the league's most 'shoulder shruggable' award. WOOF!" he added.

The original trophy created at the league's inception used an oversized wooden plate with an actual metal faucet that probably fell off 3 times while trying to glue it alone. The faucet then fell off within a week of display at the first ever winner Sharon Derwin's home. The league would later make the wooden plate smaller, use a plastic tap, and spray paint it gold. Light weight and compact, it did the job.

The original award as seen here (2013) held by Sharon Derwin (2013)

Once people started to ask what the liquid was being poured into, the league decided it was finally time to show them.

It's paint...err..COFFEE

This new trophy will be handed out starting TOMORROW at the Staten Island chapter's T.D.K. Memorial Tournament, as well as in Lancaster and Boston later this month.