RECENT NEWS:  The 2019 MBA World Tour Comes To Lancaster! 


For it's third World Championship, the MBA and it's miscreants wil be heading to sunny (?) Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This small, amish city 70 miles west of Philadelphia has a small town feel, which will be perfect for our members who can't tie their own shoes. "We look forward to finally having our chance to host the best-on-best chapter competition." Chapter leader Mike McDonnell said in a formal release. "While they're here, they can take a look at only two Chapters' Cups that have been awarded." (READ MORE)


News: MBA Will Represent at PRB 2019 and We Want YOU to Join Us!


First off, Happy New Year from everybody at the MBA (both of us.)

While we head into the dog months of winter, we wanted to let everybody know that the league will once again be representing at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas in May 2019, Memorial Day weekend! That’s right. We will be sending the very best people to put us in a position to contend. By contend, we mean physically being there to throw the bowling ball when required to. Nothing more. “We can’t wait to wander Sin City and not remember anything the next day.” Said co-league commissioner Hillary Scott.


03/11/2019 News: The MBA World Tour 2019 Comes To Lancaster!
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01/10/2019 News: MBA Will Represent at PRB 2019 and We Want YOU to Join Us!

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