Joining a Chapter

Do you think you have what it takes to take the world of Mediocre Bowling by storm? Joining is easy and we encourage you to do so...also, tell your friends! Because sucking is more fun when you do it as a group...and a few pitchers of beer.

First things first: see if there is a Chapter in your area. If there is already one established*, fill out the form at the bottom of this page choosing the Chapter you’d like to join from the drop down menu. There is a membership fee to join the MBA (totally worth it to get all the swag shown below) so once we receive your completed form and payment you're ready to roll...uhh...bowl.

With your Chapter you will compete in 7 events spread out over the season (1 event per month September-March). Each event will fall on a weekend day scheduled by your Chapter Leader**. Your goal is to bowl as well as you can...for a shitty bowler...and win the trophies (and respect) at each event! The players with the highest averages at the end of the Season will face off for a winner-takes-all Chapter Championship.

I know you're already getting excited but wait till you see what you get with your Membership fee!

Rookie Members pay $45 US American dollars per year and get:

-Access to all Chapter Events - The 6 main events plus any extra bowling nights and mixers your Chapter Leader decides to hold. 

- Season ID Badge on MBA Lanyard - Allowing you to participate in all of your Chapter's events during the season. You can even use this card to gain access to other Chapter's games! (Just in case you happen to be in enemy territory and want to strut your stuff in front of the competition).

- Team Shirt - You gotta represent! Every new member receives a tee in their Chapter's colors with a custom logo. We encourage you to deck yourself out head to toe with Chapter pride (think...colored wristbands, bowling ball and tattoos) but this is a good place to start.

- Patch - For adorning your bowling bag or beer coozie, use this to display loudly and proudly that you are a member of the MBA.

- Stickers - Use them to adverstise, vandalize or as gifts for your Chapter's groupies!

- Newsletter - A yearly look at the news, events and the who's who of Mediocre Bowling.

Returning Champs
 pay $35 US American dollars per year and get:

 -Access to all Chapter Events

- Season ID Badge 

- Stickers

- Newsletter

- Discounts on MBA merchandise - including updated T-Shirts and More!  

 *If there isn't a Chapter in your area and you want to be really awesome, click on the "Start a Chapter" link in the drop down menu!

**Chapter events will be scheduled before the season begins by your Chapter Leader.  Events are not mandatory, but encouraged to boost your average (and you need to attend 3 out of 5 to qualify for playoff seeds & the following season's MBA Chapter Invitational) so touch-base with them before you sign up to make sure you can attend. After all, you're paying to participate!

**IMPORTANT** - Membership dues allow you access to all events but do not cover the cost to bowl at each event. Chapter leaders are responsible for collecting bowling costs at the beginning of each event.