Dec 8, 2016

Wrap Up: McDonnell Wins Masters After Winning Sweetness Last Month


Another exciting MBA event is in the books. The Knock Em Back Masters featured countless bowling alley pizzas and more buckets of beers than bowlers.  We were down 4 of our 15 members but brought in a few prospects to bowl with us.

Once again chapter leader and mediocre shit talker Mike McDonnell got to take the coveted Colt 45 40oz home. Despite tough competition from Dana Carville The event was decided by 1.5 pins. Louis Valencias fancy dance moves weren't enough to get him out of third place.  Unfortunately for them there are no trophies for first and second loser. 

 Another repeat "winner" was Danielle (baked beans) Sharp who threw another unprecedented 10 gutter balls. 


And finally Neal Bricker won his first MBA trophy, taking home The Dude award for his most mediocre performance. 

The highlight of the night was when someone requested Prince and we got to bowl while singing Purple Rain.