Jan 4, 2017

Wrap Up: Trachok and Snacks Take Lancaster Great Divide at Refuge Bowling Alley


It was another exciting night of firsts for the Lancaster chapter of the MBA. The night started off with our usual alley being closed for a holiday party. Luckily we were able to move the event to the bar less Leisure Lanes. 

The Great Divide pairs the bowler with the best score wth the bowler that has the worst, second best with second worst and so on. 

So with whiskey in our fountain sodas we began. Game 1 saw Season hi scores for many bowlers most notably Jen 116 and Eric (snacks) with a 122. In game 2 they would continue their excellent play and somehow bowl the opposite scores 116 for Snacks and a 122 for Jen. The pair would go on to claim the first place trophies. When asked about his achievements Eric said "I'm proud to be at the top of the most mediocre. If my parents were still alive, they would be less disappointed in me. " This reporter for one highly doubts that. 

Finishing in 2nd place Joabi had the overall hi score with a 154 in game 2 and his team mate Danielle bowled her 2 best games of the season including a walk the line in game 1. 
For the second time Neal brought home the dude award. My sources down at the league office tell me

Neal is the first repeat Dude award winner in MBA history. 
Despite bowling her 2 best games of the season Gina also managed to bowl more gutters than anyone else and took home her first gutter trash award. 

Another night of chilli cheese fries, soggy pizzas and choco tacos is in the books. The Caucasian Open is on the horizon and the bowlers are all eager to get their hands on the coveted trophy.