Feb 13, 2017

Wrap Up: Lancaster Chapter Drinks White Russians till They Win White Russian...s


Tonight was our final team event The Caucasian Open. The three bowlers with the highest scores were the captains and chose fair teams based on the scores of the other Bowlers. 

The teams were: 

Captain Joabi, Louis, Danielle and Jasmine.
Captain Eric "Snacks" Forberger, Gina, Dana, and Allie.
Captain Mike, Neal, Jen and Brendan. 

Our night started off with our 5 year anniversary pins which we were all proud to receive (Even though Lousy George [Karyczak] has a problem with it.).

Game 1 saw Joabi bowl his second Turkey of the season and Neal "the real deal" Bricker bowl the highest score of his career.

Game 2 was Brendan's best game of his young career, an impressive 178. That combined with his team mates heavy consumption of White Russians led them to victory. 

This was Jen's second consecutive event victory.  Allie Miller won her first MBA trophy taking home the Dude Award and Danielle reclaimed her Gutter Trash award.

We had another great night of drinking laughing and bowling and want to thank Rocky Springs for putting up with us especially Munch!! for helping us out every month.