Mar 17, 2017

Small Gathering Of Mediocre Bowlers Battle in the Lancaster T.D.K.M.T.


It was a sad day on the lanes this past Sunday. Our proud bowling team was not well represented. Stricken by grief at the passing of the late great Theodore Donald (Donny) Kerabatsos our numbers were few. Many too upset or possibly hungover to make it to the lanes did not show up. 

Despite being reduced to a mere 8 bowlers the team carried on in typical fashion drinking very well and bowling very poorly. One bowler in particular stood out. Deb Grove, who to date had been our most consistently mediocre bowler channeled the spirit of young Donny and was throwing rocks!! She was heard muttering "you guys are dead in the water" several times. In the end she came out the victor. Perhaps her sunny getaway last month gave her the rest and perspective needed to persevere on the lanes. 

 Eric took home his first ever dude award and Gina won another gutter trash award. Gina and Danielle are leading all bowlers with 45 & 46 gutters on the season. 

Neal caught up to Joabi and they are tied at 22 strikes each. Mike is leading the team in Spares with 28.