Oct 31, 2017

Rookies Dominate 2017 Sweetness Open in Lancaster


The new MBA season is upon us. On October 12th, members old and new gathered at the newly renovated Rocky Springs Entertainment Center for what was to be, for some, the greatest moment of their sporting lives!!! 

Team “leader” Mike McDonnell (who was 10 minutes late) picked up a spare in his first frame. His celebration was cut short by the sound of rookie Zach Adams bowling a strike in his first attempt, followed immediately by Matt Bergstroms ear splitting strike!  Game 1 was dominated by rookie bowlers. Kevin Cotchen and Alex Kepeck each finished with a 147 and an impressive # of Spares. Another impressive rookie performance was Savannah bowling a staggering 9 gutter balls! 
Game 2 saw a dazzling display by Neal with a 140, a personal hi for the day. While Joabi had his worst game of the night with a 95. Ashley had a 120 average after 2 games. 

Game 3 started with the bar running out of White Russians. Despite this several rookies had their best games, Rachel, Lauren, Donovan and Danielle (doo doo) Brown. Pictured below celebrating.

The event ended with an egregious and inexcusable, but all too common math error possibly alcohol induced. Rookie sensation Kevin Cotchen who finished with a 141 average was accidentally informed that he was tied for 3rd with Jocabi, when in fact he was our first place winner!!! 
Alex Kepeck finished in second with a 135 and Mike took third with a 126. Gina and Savannah tied with 25 gutters. 

Gina graciously allowed Savannah to take home her first of many gutter trash award. 
Although never mediocre with her dance moves Deb Grove took home another dude award to add to her collection. 
(Photo was edited slightly)