Feb 24, 2018

Wrap Up: Team 8 Year Olds Dude Wins Statutory Award at Lancaster's Caucasian Open


Our first event of 2018 and in my opinion a chance to hold the greatest trophy in sports, the coveted White Russian

With 4 captains and 20 bowlers we selected our teams! Mike Mcdonnell’s Dumpster Babies, Kevin Cotchens Hamburglars, Neal Bricker’s Bagels and Cream Cheese and Matt Bransbys 8 Year Olds Dude

Bagels & Cream Cheese started off strong with Neal throwing a 157 and Deb a 124. 
The Hamburglars had a disappointing first game Kevin had the hi with a 124. The dumpster babies looked confident after game 1 Mike bowled a 145 and Donovan (the HAMMER) nailed a 141. Meanwhile on lane 23 Jenna finished with a 129, (new) Matt a 127 and Josh a 119. They covered up for the miserable sophomore season Joabi and Louis are having. 

Game 2, Neal impressed again with a 155 but the rest of his team wasn’t good enough! Mike slumped to a 139 and The Hammer had a sad 109. Kevin improved to a 141, Alex a 129, Ashley 127, Jasmine 92 and Gina an 81. Despite the teams rousing second game it wasn’t enough. 8 year olds dude took the trophy beating out the competition by 1 pin. 

Honorable mention and bowler of the month is Alex!! Who bowled the first ever Walk the Line in Lancaster’s history. No strikes no gutters no spares in game 1!! 

Danielle (dirty bird) Brown took home a gutter trash 

Gina won her first ever dude award and Joabi and Louis won a trophy thanks to their teams stellar performance