* All 3 chapters will be invited to partake in this winner takes all / everybody dies competition.

* Members will bowl a minimum of THREE games and a maxium of FIVE. Here is the breakdown of the tournament:

MBA Chapter's Cup: Chapter atendees will be broken up into teams of their respective geographical location. The chapter with the best average after two games will win the Chapter's Cup and will therefore be allowed to brag mercilessly until next April. Sounds easy!

Next, every bowlers individual average will be put into order from best to worst. This leaderboard will be broken up into 3 brackets. Of course, the amount of people who go into each bracket will depend on attendence. According to where you place, you will take part in one of the following competitions.....

Gutter Gauntlet: The last stop for the league's cellar dwellers. The kind of bowlers you will find in here are those who throw the ball with two hands, walk away before the pins fall, and those who take pride in those little golden statues. Who will accidentally win THE definitive trophy for bowling in the gutter in this single game elimination?

Mediocre Melee: All of the so-called "middle of the pack" people will also play a single game elimination tournament. Our guess is that there will be some Dude Award bragging amongst those on the lanes, but that won't pale in comparison to winning this Championship.

MBA World Tour Championship: Remember when you won that Munson Cup last month? Who gives a shit. THIS IS IT. 8 person bracket challenge similar to the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship, but now it'll involve people you dont know. It'll be much easier to let the hate flow. Will your fellow chapter members get behind you after they finish their respective tournaments? Or will they root against you (while gambling illegally?) The ultimate in bragging rights.