Starting a Chapter

Lemme guess, you wanted to join in the fun but there's no Chapter in your area? Fear not, my fun loving little friend you may have just stumbled upon the opportunity to be part of something really special! You can start a Chapter yourself!

If your interested in starting a Chapter in your area, fill out the form below. Once we have your information, and email you back confirming your official Chapter name, you can start spreading the word. You need at least 15 paying members to be an official Chapter of the Mediocre Bowling Association.

Once we give you the go-ahead, send potential recruits to our "Join!" page to fill out a membership form and, when you've hit the Chapter minimum, you're official!

Can't find 15? While we strive for 15, we understand that word about awesome things takes time to spread. Talk to us and we can let you know how to start a Chapter with as few as 8 members! 

Are you up for the challenge?

Here are some things you should know:

Chapter Leader Bonus - As a reward for volunteering to be Chapter Leader, your Membership Dues for the season are waived! But before you get too excited, look at some of the Chapter Leader responsibilities below to make sure you've got the chops! 

Recruiting members - Your first task is to start advertising for members. Friends, family, bowling hobos off the street...if they are ready to play and willing to pay, pitch this shit! Each Chapter must have at least 16 members and a maximum of 60. But don't worry if you hit your max, additional members can show interest - we'll just put them on a waiting list in case some of your other recruits fail to pay their dues on time.

Scheduling Events - Each Chapter has 7 events to compete in each season (one event per month). Events must fall on a weekend day within the month and not all members need to attend (but they should to potentially increase their average). You'll need to do your best to schedule each event at a time and place that works for most people (including reasonably priced), calling ahead to reserve lanes if neccessary. Also, don't forget to collect money from each member for the cost of playing (and shoes!) before you start, so that you don't get stuck with the expenses. 

Chapter News - The rest of the Association will want to know whats fresh with your Chapter! Each event, take lots of photos and make sure to keep a record of what everyones scores were for their games (most lanes will give you printouts at the desk). You'll be responsible for keeping track of everyone's averages and sending a few of the best pics, a short blog post with local flavor about the latest event and the scores/current averages of each member to the Association Admins for updating the Player Profiles and Chapter pages regularly!

Be Social - We encourage every Chapter leader to create a custom Chapter Facebook group and Twitter page that your members can join or follow. These accounts can help as a forum for sending members invites to Chapter events, to fill them in on the latest news or to give them a forum to discuss strategy, times to meet or talk trash. While they are not mandatory for every Chapter leader to create, they are highly recommended!

So, if you still think you have what it takes, fill out the form here: