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Mar 7, 2015

Wrap Up: Eadicicco Finally Wins An Event On His Own, Takes Home The Pour Donny


The winter has been tough, but not any more tough than the competition in the MBA this season. The 2015 TDK was no exception. 22 members showed up, despite the cold, to bring the heat to their final regular season game. As the last chance to bump their average  enough to make it into the top 7 seeds, tension was high and the feeling of camaraderie from the past team events was starting to disappear.

Two players who will face off against each other in the Mediocre Cup Finals
exchange a friendly handshake

Sean Kuhl, who on a regular day is one to watch, was determined to keep his spot in the elite top 7 and proved it with an aggressive first game that, with 6 strikes and 2 spares he ended with a final game score of 191. [quote] But with three games, this event was about stamina and Kuhl couldn't stand the test of time. His second and third games (140 and 92 respectively) gave him a final event average of 141 and no plaque or victory to take home. While he didn’t walk away with a win this event, his event average did earn him the top slot in the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship next month.

"As long as I have a chance to take home the Munson Cup, that's all that matters." Kuhl was heard telling the checkout girl through the Tim Horton’s drive thru intercom.

Joe Tavalare on Lane 26, meanwhile, has shown this season that he's no sleeper. While he hasn't walked away with a win, his spot the morning of the event as #13 on the leaderboard kept him on the radar throughout the TDK. This event was no exception - he consistently dominated in all three games with a 146, 134 and finishing strong with a 182 in game 3 for an event of 154. This event play boosted his season average 10 points and to the #5 spot on the leaderboard, the highest of any new members. “He played an extremely competitive season. I had no idea when I signed him up drunkenly at Mother Pugs he’d end up winning the Rookie of the Year award.” Matt Meinzer told press after the TDK’s conclusion. “He still owes me $35 for signing him up…where is he?”

But it wasn't just the dominant players who had luck. After a dismal first event (71) and a series of mediocre games, Todd Currier had a triumphant return this event. "I’m bowling so great, I might actually win one." So well, in fact, that in an unprecedented twist, though wrestling began at 7 EST, Currier stayed at the lanes to see his games through. Even lane-mates were floored as to the phenomenon. Mark Eadicicco, who was bowling for his life, saw Todd as his closest competition and couldn't believe it "Up is down, black is white...Todd's the best bowler...What's going on here?" Mark Eadicicco was heard saying while licking nacho cheese off his finger between throws.

The topic of the Top 7 was discussed all around. With so many of the MBA’s biggest competitors missing from the final regular season event, due to work, vacation or laziness, hopefuls just out of reach strategized how well they'd have to do to break into the upper crust. "I just don't want to bowl so badly that I kick myself out of the Top 7." Jess Kuhl, who made it to the #6 spot during the Caucasian, was quoted. Unfortunately her performance during the TDK dropped her just out of her clinched seed to #8 and she’ll need to root for someone above her not to show next month to contend. "I think I can make it to the top, I just need to average about a 275 today..." John Esposito was overheard saying while wearing a sporty headband. His final average for the day was a 119.3, dropping him to #35 on the final leaderboard.

"It's a manband and it's going to help me dominate the competition." 

In the end, it was Eadicicco with an impressive 169.3 event average, taking home the hardware. For his third event in a row, he walked away with a victory. "Those lasts two events I won as part of teams, but no one can accuse me of riding coattails today! I'm the champion and everyone better goddamn recognize." This event puts Eadicicco at #4 on the leaderboard and well placed to continue his winning streak with the ultimate honor. Well have to wait till the Playoffs to find out who takes home the most coveted of all the MBA hardware, tune in next month!

Christopher Fers is thrilled to win the event's Gutter Trash Award. Fers would finish 1st in the gutters category with an impressive 39 in his inaugural season.

Other notables for the event include:

*It took until the last regular season game for the new MBA rule 35A-5b to be enacted. Any Gutter Trash Award recipient may use bumpers for one full game in the following event. Phil Cadaver, who "won" the Gutter Trash Award during last months Caucasian Open was in attendance and, though he had to be explained the premise several times ("Wait...what are bumpers?"), was able to use his gutters for his third TDK game, resulting in a 127. "I'd like to thanks Melissa Roche for encouraging me to use my bumpers on my last game today when I'd be most drunk…I mean, fatigued. I forgot to add them till the third frame, but still it helped!"

Time out during the TDK to honor last months winners: Team Pinpals with the annual plaque pressing ceremony by Justin "Competitive" Krstinic and teammate Melissa Roche

*Justin Krstinic spent the duration of the event tracking throws in hopes of finishing the season with the most spares for the second year in a row. But the third game his intensity was so palpable he began to question his competitiveness. "I want to be less competitive, this is like a disease." Justin mentioned to Maggi Weaver while aggressively calculating strikes, spares and gutters on scratch paper. Before leaving he requested to league reporters "Please don't write about how competitive I am in the article...I need help." Justin will be pleased to know that with 36 he tied for most spares with Mark Eadicicco and Kevin Rogers this season.

"Can someone bring me a large chili from Wendy's? I need to be in my happy place right now" - 
Mediocre Bowling Association Co-Founder, Daniel Derwin

*With his work schedule so demanding, and in the wake of a nervous breakdown, Dan Derwin opted to spend the day at home in a pillow fort rather than attend the event. This left the hosting of the TDK squarely on co-founder Hillary Scott's shoulders and other League Officials attending the event. "These events practically run themselves by now, on pure steam and alcohol...if Derwin is having a snow-ver reaction  about his work schedule, we’ve got it covered," League Official Keith Paras was quoted via Skype while drinking out of a coconut on the beach of Costa Rica. "Pura Vida!" In the wake of the event, Scott went on record demanding a 30% pay increase for her trouble. "Fine," Derwin responded, "30% of $0 is still $0."

*Matthew Meinzer would be the last one to win the Dude Award this season, with a final event average of 124.6 (closest to the median of 127.7). He becomes the 5th and final competitor in next month's inaugural Mediocre Cup Finals. These 5 players will first participate in the Honorable Munson Wildcard game to try their hand advancing to the 8th seed of the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship. If any of them win the Honorable Munson, it will be a hard decision as to which fate they choose to embark on: facing off for the Munson Cup or trying to claim their destiny as the Champion of the Most Mediocre. Both the Honorable Munson and Mediocre Cup Final will take place as one-game elimination events next event.