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Mar 17, 2016

Playoffs: 2016 Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship Preview!


With our final event of the 2015-16 MBA season approaching, we spoke to our Las Vegas experts about their expections for the league's ultimate event. One man, who has lost a bunch of money over the years betting on the MBA, asked to remain anonymous for his interview. "I think we will have our first repeat winner in Munson Cup history." he said. The man, who looked homeless, then went on a tangant about aliens for 20 minutes before pissing his pants. 

After that ordeal, we here in the league offices decided to write our own preview. Here are the straight facts:

1) Sean Kuhl vs 8) Honorable Munson Wild Card Winner

Kuhl has been in this situation before. Last season, he dispatched of Leigh Janicki while the season before he dispatched of Ryan Petersen. While this sounds expected of a 1st overall seed, Kuhl has been known the play down to the competition. Both times, the Wild Card winner only lost by a few pins. Will the tables finally turn? Kuhl had a phenominal season taking home both the Helen Dillon Memorial Trophy (most strikes with 28) & the Fred Glasier Memorial Trophy (most spares with a new record of 45.)

2) Mike Dillon vs 7) Dan Derwin

A rematch of the 2014 first round match up where they were the 4th and 5th seeds, respectively. Dillon threw 4 straight strikes to eliminate Derwin, while establishing a league record 7 strikes thrown in one playoff game. Derwin has not been back to the top 7 since, but that is the least of his concerns. Having won the Dude Award in November's Knock'em Back Masters, he will have to choose to either play in the Mediocre Cup Finals or as the 7th seed in the first round of the RLMCC.

3) James Ciccone vs 6) Kevin Rogers

Rookie of the Year James Ciccone is going for the championship in his first career season. Standing in his way is Kevin Rogers, who has established himself as one of the chapter's top bowlers after a very mediocre first season in 2013-14. Rogers eliminated Justin Krstinic in the first round of last year's tournament 171 to 170 in a game that is still talked about today. Rogers had taken a red eye flight home from Texas to make sure he didnt miss the final event.

4) Geoff Celis vs 5) J.R. Marotte

Geoff Celis is coming off a championship season. J.R. Marotte is coming off his couch. Make no mistake, Marotte has it in him to have the game of his life at any given moment. Celis, who only took part in the league minimum 3 events to qualify for the tournament, threw a 97 in his first game of last months T.D.K. Memorial Tournament. Have the mighty fallen? We will find out this Sunday.

Prediction: Somebody wins and many lose.