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Mar 25, 2016

Wrap Up: Rogers Dethrones Celis and Begins Reign as New MBA Champion!


With the 4th Mediocre Bowling Association season in the books, it’s time to look ahead to warm weather, beaches, fireworks, throwing up, and sunburn before we eventually get back into bowling action by September. First, let’s recap one of the best Final Day’s in league history.

The Honorable Munson Wild Card took place first with some especially notable players in the mix. Justin Krstinic, playing in his first ever Wild Card round, was one of the sure favorites to win the coveted 8th seed. Mike Calascibetta, Munson Cup champion in 2013, is always a contender for a career game, also. Towards the end of the game, fellow bowlers were pointing to the scores of Krstinic, Jess Kuhl, rookie Christine Beaton, and Hillary Scott as potential winners. But it was true wild card Maggi Weaver and her handicap of 23 added to her scratch score of 139 who stole the show with the winning total (162). While there was a rumor of Krstinic throwing his last frame in favor of leaving early to meet his girlfriend (to which he shiftily swore to present league officials was not the case) he congratulated Weaver before hastily running out the door.

Up next was the Mediocre Cup Finals, taking place simultaneously as the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship. Regular season Dude Award winners Diane Lawler, Leigh Janicki, and Melissa Roche faced off in a one game playoff to determine who was the most mediocre of the mediocre. With Margaret Salzillo not in attendance, and Dan Derwin choosing his destiny as the RLMCC’s 7th seed, the three ladies were there to battle it out amongst themselves. Lawler and Janicki were pretty much neck and neck until the very end. Although Lawler had a 6 pin edge in handicap, she would fall 6 more pins short in a 136 to 130 result. Janicki, who won her 3rd trophy of the 2015-16 season couldn’t put the Mediocre Cup down long after she’d won it. 

“Do you think this thing leaks? Imma get a mimosa up in this bitch.”
Janicki was overheard asking the Rab’s bartender. 

Meanwhile, the first round of the RLMCC pitted the Honorable Munson winner vs #1 seed Sean Kuhl, 7th seed Dan Derwin vs 2nd seed Mike Dillon, 6th seed Kevin Rogers vs 3rd seed (and Rookie of the Year) James Ciccone, and 5th seed Jon Marotte, vs 4th seed Geoff Celis. While some good games took place, including Roger’s 189 to 175 victory over Ciccone, none other was more impressive than Weaver’s upset over Kuhl. Being the 1st Wild Card winner to advance to the second round, Weaver praised the support of her fiancé Ryan Petersen and her Hens. “I would probably be sitting with them yelling at someone else playing, but this is much better. By the way, how cute is George’s baby?” Kuhl was not happy with his lane. He claimed that there were some dips in the wood. “This is horse shit” he said while trying not to throw things (besides bowling balls). “So are the handicaps!” But in an astounding twist of fate – had there been NO handicap, Kuhl and Weaver would have tied with a 110 each! In addition to the same score, they also tied ALL of the tiebreaking criteria: 1 strike / 1 spare / 0 gutters. League officials said afterwards that they would have no idea what the 4th tie breaker would have been had she not won with the handcap. “Fist fight, I guess,” said Mark Eadicicco.

In a classy twist, Kuhl stayed on to coach Weaver through her second game
...that was the only game she lost that day.

The second round featured the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th seeds, a first for the league. Most assumed that Kevin Rogers and Geoff Celis would advance to the Munson Cup Final…and they assumed correctly. After bowling 3 games, Weaver would begin to fade while throwing a 112 to Celis’ 137. Although Rogers would throw his lowest game of the night, Derwin could not get out of his own way, losing 142 to 127. “It was great to breathe the air up there in the semi-finals.” Derwin said while walking towards the bathroom. “Why are you following me to the bathroom?”

See what we mean about Leigh? She won't put it down.

The final round featured 4th seed vs 6th seed, Geoff Celis vs Kevin Rogers. Celis, as reigning champion, should have shaken Rogers in his first Finals appearance. Unfortunately for Celis, this was not the case. In a 178 to 122 blow out, Rogers even threw 2 strikes in his “victory lap” 10th frame. One of the strikes was such a haphazard toss, some took offense to it saying he was “shoving it in Geoff’s face.” “It looked like he was shoving it in his face.” Mike Dillon said. “A real face shove, if you will,” Tara Meiners said, as she held her boyfriends crutches. “Shoving,” Phil Cadaver chimed in.

Whether in euphoria or distain, they all watched a new champion be crowned. There has not been a repeat Munson Cup champion to date. Will there be another new winner? Find out next time!

Other notables for the evening include:

*Your Staten Island chapter’s regular season award winners:

                      -       Helen Dillon Memorial Trophy (Most Strikes) – Sean Kuhl (28)
                      -       Fred Glasier Memorial Trophy (Most Spares) – Sean Kuhl (45 *New Record*)
                      -       Most Mediocre Bowler Pin – Matt Wilson (115.3 AVG)
                      -       Rookie of the Year – James Ciccone (141.3 AVG)

*Kevin Rogers had a year to remember. He finished with a scratch average of 94.2 during his rookie year in 2013-14. In the last 12 months, Rogers made it to the 2nd round of the 2015 RLMCC, won the 2014-15 Fred Glasier Memorial Award for most spares during the regular season, the 2015 MBA Chapter Invitational, the 2015 Great Divide with Dave Derwin, the 2016 Caucasian Open, and of course, the 2016 Munson Cup. We assume things can only go down from here.

*The 5th MBA season starts up in September of this year. We have a few special things planned, including some new merchandise to celebrate. We will also be adding some more trophies to clog your apartment shelves with. More than anything, we HOPE to get another chapter out there. If you know anyone who might be interested in running one in another town, let us know! Sign ups for next year will be open sooner rather than later this time around. We will keep everyone posted. See you at the beach. If not, we’ll see you at the banner raising at Mother Pugs Saloon in September. And as always, thanks for playing!