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Sep 21, 2016

Wrap Up: Rogers Gets Hung; Kuhl & Son Win Chapter Invitational


 On Saturday night, the Staten Island chapter paid it’s tribute to Kevin Rogers with a banner night at Mother Pugs Saloon. His name joined the Ring of Honor, along side legendary bowlers such as Mike Calascibetta, Justin Krstinic, and Geoff Celis. He was also the first member to show up fashionably late to his own ceremony. “The party doesn’t start until I get there, anyway.” Rogers said to the press. The bands were loud, and the drinks were flowing. Everybody was just happy to move on from the traumatizing event.


Rabs Country Lanes welcomed the chapter with aplomb

The 4th MBA Chapter Invitational in 5 seasons took place on an unusually humid day in September. Members of the Staten Island chapter, old and new, couldn’t help but complain about the 80+ degree day. “When I come to bowl, I expect to wear a jacket.” Bari Reiter complained. “My bowling balls are sticking to my bag.” Said Phil Cadaver. Hah, we get it.


A total of 33 people showed up to bowl which is a league record for a preseason event, since most people who sign up late can’t fit the game into their schedule .17 members qualified to compete for the Attendance Record trophy. Since they attended all 5 regular season events in the previous campaign, they had the right to jump right into the pressure cooker while the other members threw a stress free 2 games to get back into the swing of things. New members got to observe how the MBA machine works during event day. “I was impressed.” Rookie Phil DiMarco told a few strangers in the parking lot that evening. “Wait, who are you?”

 "Can I help you?" - Matt Wilson

After 1 game, the eyes of the chapter were on 2 members for their impressive scores: Sean Kuhl (157) and Ryan Petersen (156.) Once they both knew of each other’s potential to win, Kuhl started to converse with Petersen more. “Why he is yelling a bunch of shit that will make me laugh?” Petersen said. “I thought this was supposed to be relaxing today. I wish I either didn’t bowl as well or I picked up the spares in my second game”

 Sean Kuhl's secret weapon: "Lil" Chuck

Kuhl would eventually bowl a strong 149 in Game 2 to finish with an event winning average of 153. Petersen petered out with a 118 in his second game. “Between my wife and I, we’ve won this event 3 out of the last 4 times.” Kuhl would say while holding the Attendance Record with his newborn son, Charles, in his arms. “I haven’t won since the league changed the trophy so I needed it.”

 The real season starts with the Sweetness Open on October 16th. The baby might have to grab a beer for this one.


Other notables for the evening include:

 *Last season, George Karyczak opened the floodgates by bringing his baby daughter, Betty, to the February T.D.K. Memorial Tournament. At this season’s MBA Chapter Invitational, both the Kuhl’s and the Dillon’s brought their own babies. “Who needs a babysitter when we have 30 or more willing to watch them for us while we bowl?” Jessica Dillon said. The league is looking into baby clothes to sell in it’s online store.