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Mar 25, 2017

Wrap Up: DiMarco Dominates Munson Cup Chapter Championship


The playoffs are a time to reflect upon a season that may or may not have gone your way. Your accomplishments or lack there were plentiful. The 2017 Playoffs for the Staten Island chapter were under way at Rabs Country Lanes.

The Honorable Munson Wild Card and it’s 26 players started things off. Almost immediately, it was apparent that the trophy was going to either chapter leader Dan Derwin or Joe Tavalare, who hadn’t left an open frame through 6. Derwin would go one frame further and win the nail biter 179 to 164. The two of them shook hands after the game. “I didn’t want to look up at the screen to see who else was close.” The former Rookie of the Year Tavalare told the press. It was at this time, Derwin slapped him with the trophy hand and began chest bumping him in front of the cameras. “I don’t know what came over me.” Derwin said, clearly drunk.

Next, the Mediocre Cup Finals. While regular season winners Justin DeCrescenzo and Christine Beaton (still recovering after giving birth to her spanking new baby) were absent, Brandon Herman, Megan Gaul, and Kayte Mosley took to the lane for the battle of the middle people. It was close in the beginning, but the final scores would tell the story with a 131, 82, and 118, respectively. “To hold the Mediocre Cup in my arms, like Leigh Janicki and Matt Meinzer before me, is a dream come true.” Herman would say post game. “I will cherish this until the start of next season.”

Finally, to the Roy L. Munson Chapter Championship. For the first time in league history, a rookie would finish at the top of the leaderboard. Phil Demarco was brooding with confidence as he strutted into the alley looking like he walked off the set of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Kris Mork and Mike Contardo were also new faces in the top 7. Mork, who broke the league record with 50 spares in a season, won the Fred Glasier Memorial Award. Contardo snuck into the top 7 due to Mike Dillon being unable to attend the event.

Due to a fire in the league’s office, most of the first round’s scores were lost. What WASN’T lost, was the fact that Dan Derwin, Mike Contardo, James Ciccone, and the reigning champion Kevin Rogers were all eliminated. League officials believe the fire was started deliberately, but the 7 empty gas cans weren’t proof enough.

The second round had one big upset, with 5th seed Kris Mork taking down 2nd seed Sean Kuhl 165 to 149. “I’m the San Jose Sharks of the MBA.” Kuhl said while putting his regular shoes back on. While Kuhl has one most of the other trophies, the Munson Cup will have to wait for another year…maybe. Phil Dimarco would lay the hammer down on the 2012 champ Mike Calascibetta with a final score of 167 to 134. “It felt good to be back in the playoffs.” He said afterwards.

The final pitted two rookies against each other for the first time ever. 1 seed vs 5 seed. While this match up had the potential to be thrilling, it was pretty much over before it started. Dimarco started off with a turkey and a spare in the first 4 frames, while Mork was off to a much slower start. Dimarco was a man possessed for the rest of the game finishing with 184 to 115. Dimarco would walk away that day with the First Overall, Rookie of the Year, and the elusive Munson Cup. “I think I’ve officially peaked.” He said. “When my banner goes up at Mother Pugs Saloon this fall, I might cry.”

Either way, the league benefitted from having two rookies represent the chapter in the final. It just shows that ANYBODY CAN WIN / or lose. Thanks to everybody who joined us for our 5th season. We hope everyone has a great summer and we look forward to having you all back next year!

Notable for the evenings include:

*Nothing really….Sign up for the MBA World Tour this coming April! We will be facing off against the two expansion chapters for the end all be all of glory. You can read up about it and sign up HERE. The deadline is April 8th, for the tournament that takes place on Saturday April 22nd at Rabs Country Lanes.