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Dec 9, 2017

Wrap Up: Petersen Takes Home First Masters in Staten Island


With the second regular season event of the year, members of the Staten Island chapter were wondering if someone would stop Sean Kuhl from earning a three peat in the Knock’em Back Masters. After all, it would be the second three peat in the tournament’s history. “Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Sean win again.” Chirped his own wife Jess Kuhl referring to his 25 point handicap.

 Very funny.... No really. VERY FUNNY!

Game 1 would be a strong game for Megan Gaul. She would bowl a scratch score of 133 for her best game of the season. “Who needs a handicap anymore? She said to the MBA press core after the event. Rumor has it that league officials are willing to take her at her word. Dan Fran making his league debut would throw a 139 to impress his girlfriend and decorated MBA veteran Leigh Janicki. “He thinks he figured out how this league works by watching me last season, but he has no clue.” She said.


The Staten Island chapter was treated to a celebrity appearance at the lanes

By the mid point of Game 2, the usual suspects were in the running for the Masters Championship, but there was a dark horse coming. Ryan Petersen, who usually has a reputation for throwing a pretty good first game and then getting drunk while collapsing on the score sheet, was staying steady enough to compete. “Once somebody told me that I had a chance to win, I was annoyed.” Petersen said while ordering his 10th pitcher. “I wasn’t annoyed that I could win, but I do better when there isn’t any pressure.”

Anybody out there hungry anymore?

Apparently, it didn’t matter. Petersen would finish the event with a 171.5 average, slipping past Sean Kuhl’s 166 average for the win while putting a stop to a dynasty in the making. While Kuhl conveniently slipped out the front door before the trophy was presented, that didn’t spoil Petersen’s excitement. “It felt nice to be at the receiving end of the boos for a change.”


Golden Colt Wins: Ryan 1 - Kevin 0

See everybody next week for the first team event of the season, the 2017 Great Divide!


Notables for the evening include:


  • Lois Conti took home her first Dude Award with an unusually high 115.5 median average. “I didn’t think I had a chance, but I guess too many people bowled good today.” She will join Vinny Fiore as the second entrant in the 2018 Mediocre Cup Finals in March.
  • Jared Reiter won his first Gutter Trash trophy of the season. His sister Bari graciously took it home for him. “I think I have a bunch of his on my work desk.” She said. “I will add another…”
  • With co-chapter leader Hillary Scott unable to attend, Dan Derwin called up league official Keith Paras to assist him throughout the day. He would see first hand the headache in the day to day operations. “People never have exact money!” Paras said. No, they don’t. It didn’t help that the credit card system was down. Will be good to go for the Great Divide!
  • There were 4 players making their league debuts in the month of November. After reviewing their scores, they all bowled mediocre. Welcome, Darla, Joe, Tom, and Dan!
  • Sorry for the delays everyone, but we’ve been damn busy. Leaderboards and such will be posted tomorrow in advance of next week’s event!