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Jan 20, 2020

Wrap: Team Pins Pins Pins Knock Down Pins; Win Caucasian Open


Forty Seven bowlers took to the streets on this overcast January day to participate in the first regular season event in the 2020 calendar. With 8 captains choosing teams, this would be the largest event in MBA history.

In game 1, Ryan Petersen and Nick Lio would lead their team, I can't Believe It's Not Gutter, with scores of 180 and 195, respectively. The same would be said for Sean Kuhl and Keri Sheheen throwing scores of 192 and 163. A few lanes down, Jimmy Ciccone and Dan Derwin did some damage in their first game with a 171 and 181. "From the outset, it seemed like everyone came prepared." rookie Christine Regula told the press afterwards. "This has been the loudest event i've been a part of so far."

Ryan Petersen's score is a reflection of the light that blessed him.

Game 2 would be where the usual alchohol inebriation kicks in, but most of the bowlers kept their eyes on the prize. Sara Eadicicco (169), Rebecca Fiore (187), Allyson Chiappi (159), Adrienne Mork (161) dominated on their lanes. Nick Lio continued his dominating play, throwing a 201. "I became a member of the Turkey Club in Game 1, and then I break a 200 in Game 2." Lio would later say. "What a day."

In the end though, Lane 21's comrade-ery would not be denied. Team Pins Pins Pins, captained by Jimmy Ciccone, and steered by Blazered Dan Derwin, Jess Kuhl, Charley Aspatola, Diane Bradley, and Jen Grunwald, would finish with a 143.1 AVG. They would finish 4.1 points ahead of I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter. For the individual members, this would be Ciccone's second win, Derwin's second, J. Kuhl's second, Aspatola's first, Bradley's first, and Grunwald's second.

Next month's Theodore Donald Kerabatso's Memorial Tournament, the final regular season event, will be held on FEBRUARY 9TH! This was changed from the original date of February 16th. Don't forget! Hopefully you can all make it.

Notables for the evening include:

*Robert Long won his first Gutter Trash Award, ousting usual roomate Carl Gallagher from his throne. After winning the Great Divide last month, Long was happy to make a dent on the shelf with some MBA hardware. "We talked about setting up a shelf previously, but now this makes it official." he added.

*Tony Chiappi won his first Dude Award. He will be one of five to be taking part in March's Mediocre Cup Finals.

* Confusion ran rampant throughout the lanes during the first two frames of the event. The front desk accidentally had the MBA set to something called NO-TAP bowling. Under these conditions, knocking down 9 pins constitutes a strike. Once it was finally fixed, some members wanted those original throws counted. "It was a strike on paper." Darla Denise yelled at whoever would listen. The error was eventually fixed and those effected would retake their turns.

* Rebecca Fiore and Nick Lio would join the upper crust by throwing a Hambone (4) and turkey (3), respectively and joing the MBA Turkey Club. Sorry, Rebecca, there is no Hambone Club.